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How The Race Was Won – Amstel Gold 2014

21 Apr

Cars, furniture, wind, position battle, a dangling escape, and a a breakaway rider who perhaps overestimated his strength. Rap metal light opera accompaniment from UnderGunned Productions: [iPad/iPhone/m4v]

How The Race Was Won – Paris-Roubaix 2014

14 Apr

Don’t grab door handles. Don’t compensate for bad position by driving relentlessly to the front. Do attack once and make it stick. Don’t hire these guys to film your velodrome. Oh, right—the boat: [iPad/iPhone/m4v]

How The Race Was Won – Tour of Flanders 2014

7 Apr

Otherwise known as the Ronde van Vlaanderen. Maybe next year I will use the actual Dutch. There were a lot of crashes, but between Greg VanAvermaet’s animation and OPQS’s over-extension, it turned into a pretty active little race. This week’s outro music: [iPad/iPhone/m4v or if you’re in Germany, where for some reason, YouTube can’t […]

Giro d'Italia 2012, Stages 1-3 – How The Race Was Won

8 May

It’s nice to have a rest day so early in this years’ Giro d’Italia, because it makes for less footage and fewer competing stories for the grueling stage race HTRWW. The tenuous creative thread running this latest piece is all over the place—linguistic, geographic, and historical anachronisms abound—but I’m too exhausted to care. [right-click for […]

2012 Paris-Roubaix – How The Race Was Won

9 Apr

Tom Boonen powers away to win number four in an historic display of strength and commitment. The only thing to feel bad about was that we didn’t get to see Fabian Cancellara shoot it out with him. Of course, had Cance been at the start line, Omega Pharma would have doubtlessly played their cards a […]

How the Race was Ripped-Off

31 Mar

I think I may have surprised some people by not flying into an Internet rage yesterday when VeloNews launched a familiar-looking video feature with a not entirely unique name. My magnanimous response not withstanding, I should clarify that I’m not psyched about the development. Indeed, there was a time when I would have let fly […]

Sanremo, Strength, and Tactics

22 Mar

For a guy who made obsessing over aerodynamics and other tech geek foibles into the development and marketing norm in the sport, Gerard Vroomen is surprisingly attuned to the sloppy, cut-and-run realities of professional bike racing. After some muttering from fans following Sanremo, and some atypically direct criticism of RadioShack by Philippe Gilbert, Vroomen put […]

A Tale of Two Luz Ardidens – 2003 and 2011

15 Jul

Since you all loved it so much when I compared Tours de France earlier this week (and since you all took such care to read the admonitions about my data) I’ve decided to try it again for yesterday’s Luz Ardiden stage finish. While I normally have a dim view toward comparing climbing times between races, […]

The Model Bike Race

4 Apr

There are times—generally a non-GC stage after the first mountain/time trial battle of the Tour de France—where I’ll concede that cycling isn’t the most exciting sport in the world. But races like this year’s Tour of Flanders make the few days that drag entirely worthwhile. While there were countless things to love, for me, the […]

The Radio-Free Classics

1 Mar

Despite the fact that they are not “true” classics, this past weekend’s racing at the Omloop and KBK marked the first time that (to my day-job addled knowledge) trade teams have taken each other on in a high-profile one-day event without the use of radio earpieces. And while I hesitate to view a single weekend […]