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The Recon Ride Podcast: Paris-Nice 2015

5 Mar

Episode 2: Paris-Nice 2015 Pre-race Show Yep—Dane Cash (@velohuman) and I are back along with the WorldTour for another pre-race run-down, covering the new (old) Paris-Nice format, top favorites, the AG2R post-doc program, and of course, Your Product. Podcast: Download (Duration: 47:05 — 64.8MB) Subscribe: iTunes|RSS

The Recon Ride Podcast: Tour Down Under 2015

18 Jan

Dane Cash of VeloHuman, whom you might know from this Heinrich Haussler interview, or this Tour Down Under prep piece asked me to collaborate on a race preview podcast and I was all too happy to oblige. Listen in as we share thoughts on this upcoming TdU, potential favoriates, and—of course—Simon Geschke’s beard.

Why I Love the Spring

24 Feb

I don’t hide that fact that I think the spring classics are the best bike racing the season has to offer. Sure, in terms of complexity, drama and sheer scale they can’t match the sweeping scope of the Grand Tours, but then again, how many people do you find who hold up Moby Dick as […]

Paris-RouBingo – The Paris-Roubaix Home Game

7 Apr

“The are no races,” Jacques Anquetil once quipped, “only lotteries.” And nowhere is that more true than this Sunday’s Paris-Roubaix. Broken steerer tubes, rogue freight trains, cartwheeling Norwegians—in an increasingly calculated sport, it’s a welcome change to see chance play such a prominent role. So with that in mind, I’ve created Paris-RouBingo, the bingo-style home […]

A Serious Flanders Post on April First

1 Apr

It’s not that I consider myself above the phenomenon best described as “Internet Jackass Day“—I used to participate, back when I wasn’t very good at Photoshop, apparently—but I am up against the friggin’ wall in terms of free time. I’m going to ignore the impact a two-weeks-on, two-weeks-off approach is having on my fitness and […]

Wevelgem Eve with Roubaix Looming

8 Apr

Man, is there a close layover between Ghent Wevelgem and the Ronde or what? I feel like it’s hardly enough time to walk after Flanders, let alone take on a few more bucketloads of Belgian cobblestones. It makes the relative lack of respect Wevelgem gets all the more inexplicable. But once Cipo’ wins a race, […]

Tour de France '07 – First Rest Day and Still No GC Picture

16 Jul

You know what’s ironic? That I was finally able to watch both Stage 7 and Stage 8 this weekend, but not to find the time I needed to post on either of them. There was a lot of that going around this weekend – not quite irony always, but something close. For example, Slate rejected […]

Cobbles Only, Weveglem, What Do You Mean It's Legal?

10 Apr

I’m sorry, folks, but the Tour of Pais Vasco really isn’t cutting it for me. Some dude named “Cobo”? When are all these big guns gonna throw down? Valverde? Sammy Sanchez? Where you at? Ok, yeah, you could say that Tricki Beltran is a pretty big name – a big name domestique. I see these […]

My MSR Preview

23 Mar

Time for the last round of MSR previews. Eurosport gives the most straightforward look, while Velonews calls the race “shy a few participants” while naming only one absenteee (Basso). Pez describes the chances of every bike racer ever, but neglects to pick a favorite. But enough of my incessant badmouthing. Americans like to blather about […]