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Drama in the Desert with Boasson-Hagen's Bladder

17 Feb

Whew! A day of rich drama and intrigue such as seldom graces the cycling world in February—and remarkably, most of it is due to racing. It all started at the Tour of Oman, which was introduced to the peloton’s pre-season swing through the Persian Gulf presumably to counterbalance the relentless flatness of last week’s Tour […]

In Case You Missed It

15 Jan

Robbie McEwen (@mcewenrobbie) opened the 2010 season with a devestating win over Chris Horner (@hornerakg):

The Season of Talking Tough

7 Dec

Oh yes. After weeks of mind-numbing backroom dealing (Will Contador go to Astana? Will Astana get a UCI license?) the trash talking is finally here. And who better to kick it off than the psychological master himself, Johan Bruyneel, who recently cast Contador as a superstar unable to come to grips with his meteroic fame—in […]

Some Thoughts On Sponsorship

29 Oct

Yesterday, Outside editor John Bradley tweeted the message I’ve inserted below. It’s a nice thought, and there’s some good logic behind it—Google’s a smart, agile company, with business all over the world. It’s also been running YouTube at a loss for years, so the company isn’t gun-shy about seeing little-to-no direct monetary return on high-profile […]

A Disclaimer

11 Sep

Ok, kiddies, huddle up. I just need to remind you all that you’re not reading the Times, here. I’ve been known to be sarcastic from time to time. So every time you see something like this: You can be pretty sure it’s going to be followed up by one of these: It should be noted […]

Addressing The Costs Of A Cycling Habit

2 Sep

Cycling is friggin’ expensive. No doubt the constant demand for costly and exclusive parts from well-heeled cyclists has contributed greatly to the sport’s clichéd position as “the new golf”. That having been said, not everyone needs a pair of Obermayers. Far more burdensome—at least from my tax bracket—are the opportunity costs associated with being a […]

Great Minds Think Alike

6 Jul

From my twitter feed today. Literally within seconds of each other: I didn’t see even a second of footage from after today’s stage got interesting, and from what I can tell, neither did anyone watching Versus. My frustration at this is countered only by my anticipation of the awesome spectacle as Astana continues to spin […]

What Did We Do Before Twitter?

5 May

A little back-and-forth over the Interwebs between Daryl Impey and American cycling commentator/bogger/some sort of Time rep at one point or other Smithers, related to the Theo Bos Affair: