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Doping (maybe), Cysts, OLN and Norweigans – News

27 Jul

So maybe someone (other than Dario Frigo) was doping at this year’s TdF? Samples taken from a Stage 5 rider (both leader Armstrong and stage winner McEwen were non-randomly tested that day) reveal traces of norpseudoephedrine, which, though nearly identical to the psuedophedrine in Sudafed is for some reason illegal. WADA commented that is was […]

Sharkies – Review

27 Jul

Interesting. A fully organic gummy candy. Seems counterintuitive. Also, it’s marketed as an energy food for workouts. Let’s see how they stand up against other products on the market. Cost: 2. Retail is 3 dollars a pouch. A 12-pouch box of non-organic gummy candy is 6 bucks. That does not compare favorably. Portability: 4. Pouch […]

Let the Transfers Begin – News

26 Jul

Vino to Liberty Seguros! So my 2006 speculative Top 5 is wrong already (but not nearly as wrong as Knut thinks). Meanwhile, World TT champion Mick Rogers and 2004 Tour of Germany winner Patrik “Stinky” Sinkewitz have chosen to throw away the next two years of their careers in the T-Mobile vacuum. I have two […]

Eggs and Coffee for the TdF Hangover – News

25 Jul

What’s the word in cycling these days? Nada mucho. Everyone’s tired after three Red Bull-fueled weeks of mayhem and no one outside the Walloon region of Belgium wants to race or even think about racing. Just to remind everyone that the ProTour is waaaaaaay more important than the Tour de France, the UCI released updated […]

Wildly Unfounded Conclusions I've Drawn from This Year's Tour – Rant

25 Jul

1) American Cycling is on the rise (but not necessarily on the up-and-up – see #2). Three Americans in the top 10, two in yellow, three with stage wins, a few near misses from Chris Horner, Discovery Channel with three stage wins and it’s second grand tour win of the year. And just imagine if […]

That's a Wrap – News

24 Jul

Vino, the sports most eligible free-agent next season, gets every team manager from here to Giancarlo Ferretti even hornier to have him on the roster for next season with an astounding last lap break ‘n fake, chasing Bradley McGee, feigning exhaustion, and then blasting past the Aussie for the win. Every team manager that is, […]

Ride for the Cure – Report

22 Jul

People in Aspen look at me funny. A lot. Like when I don’t know where Highlands is. No matter how many times I tell them: I don’t live here in the winter, and I have no desire to live here in the winter. 30 bucks is too much for a lift ticket. You think I […]

Woody Creek Criterium – Report

22 Jul

Ah, it’s so good to be back racing in The Valley. The unbelievably slow starts, the sketchy riding, the incredibly thin air…truly, la dolche vita. This week’s race went down not on roads, but on the Woody Creek Race track, which was purchased a few years back by the private and exclusive Aspen Auto Racing […]

The Gods Must be Crazy -News

22 Jul

Hincapie winning on a mountaintop? Now Guerrini taking it on the flat? This has been an odd tour to say the least. I’m changing my picks for the next two days to Robbie McEwen in the TT and Lance Armstrong on the Champs Elysees. Yesterday’s stage was equally wierd, with CSC cranking up the heat […]

How About that Paolo? – News

20 Jul

Paolo Savodelli can come and drink on my yacht anytime. The guy is about as cool and savvy as they come. If he had a little more raw power, he’d be unstoppable in the non-cobbled, hilly classics. (Amstel, Lombardi, Fleche, Liege etc). He did totally muff a corner on that final descent, though, letting and […]