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Pro Cycling News – Non-Racing News

31 Aug

“If Armstrong was a Frenchman and we had seen the same data, we would do the same thing,” Claude Droussent of l’Equipe told French TV station LCI. I guess we can assume that means not a single of those urine samples from the 1999 Tour has been linked to a Frenchman. Certainly FdJ directeur sportif […]

Pro Cycling News – Vuelta Was Da Bomb, Britan is Blowin' Up

31 Aug

Well, no. Not literally. Or figuratively. But there was a bomb threat at the finish of Stage 4 that delayed the start. Then Petacchi won. He makes it look easy. And I guess if you’re the fastest guy in the world, and you have 8 other guys determined to cart you to 150m before the […]

Pro Cycling News – Vuelta St. 3: Guess Who?

29 Aug

After being temporarily sucked into the same post-Giro vortex that claimed Mario Cipollini in 2003, Alessandro Petacchi has retrurned to our dimension to take the thrid stage of the Vuelta a Espana. The flat, stinking hot rumble through the Spanish interior went pretty much exactly to plan for the Fassa boys, as they reeled in […]

Pro Cycling News – McGee Comes Through, HIncapie Best of the Ouest

29 Aug

Who says cycling is boring? Well, I mean, not me, or probably any of you, but I think it’s an opinion held by most Americans. Certainly, though, yesterday’s ProTour racing action proved those Chevy-drivin’, war-hawkin’, couch potatoes wrong. First off was Stage 2 of the Vuelta a Espana, which was one of those “maybe so, […]

FWD: New Armstrong Allegations – Rant

27 Aug

Now, before you get all cross with me for being anti-French, I’m not. I just think many of the things French authorities do (such as ban cyclists from using certain asthma drugs not because they improve performance, but because they look kind of like other chemcials that do…) and many of the things the French […]

Pro Cycling News – '05 Vuelta is Underway

27 Aug

Faster than Illes Balears could say “we should have offered him a contract extension,” Rabobank’s Denis (apparently pronounced “Denny”, due to the missing “n”) rolled to victory on a tricky, 7km prologue. Just a second back was BeNeLux prologue winner Rik (I believe still prounounced “Rick,” even with the missing consonant) Verbrugghe, who was no […]

Pro Cycling News – La Vuelta 2005

26 Aug

Roberto Heras. Alex Zulle. Laurent Jalabert. Tony Rominger. Sean Kelly. Freddy Maertens. Raymond Poulidor. Perhaps the greastest riders in cycling history to attempt, but never acheieve, victory in the Tour de France. What else do they all have in common? Victory in the Vuelta a Espana. The youngest of the grand tours, la Vuelta has […]

Customer Service

26 Aug

So I’ve been running through the info at SiteMeter and more and more hits on this page are coming from search engines. That’s good, because it means a)I can put “Search Engine Optimization Skills” on my resume and b)random folks looking for a cycling blog could concievably find Cyclocosm. However, lots of the search strings […]

Pro Cycling News – The Texan Strikes Back

25 Aug

No more stonewalling and say-nothing press releases from Lance Armstrong. No, he hasn’t admitted to doping (and, to save you the suspense, he never will, guilty or not), but he is going on Larry King tonight to protest his innocence to the country. In doing so, Armstrong becomes the latest person to apologize for not […]

Pro Cycling News – Armstrongate Continues

24 Aug

*sigh* Why do I have to cover this tripe? Why must I reiterate this war of press releases between haughty Euros and stubborn Texans? Anyway, reaction to the Armstrong Affair falls into three distinct molds: the Boardman, who condemns Lance as clearly guilty while questioning the motivation behind the tests, the Verbruggen, who adopts a […]