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Pro Cycling News – Boonen Takes Two at Tour of Qatar, Lance Responds to Bode

31 Jan

You know what happens when you wake up at a reasonable hour? You miss reporting on Stage 1 of the Tour of Qatar, which is one of my favorite training races, as it visits such exotic locations as “Khalifa Stadium” and “Camel Race Track”. Interesting though it may be, the result was no surpise, as […]

Pro Cycling News – 'Cross Worlds, Team Presentations, Fat Jokes

30 Jan

Arrrg…So much news for me to re-report. And all because I was lazy and didn’t post yesterday. I shall begin with ‘Cross Worlds (which I choose to write without the apostrophe – I see “Worlds” as a plural, short form of “World Championships”, VeloNews apparently sees it as a possesive, I guess from “The World’s […]

Pro Cycling News – 'Cross Worlds, Team Camps, Comebacks

28 Jan

Man, I was so excited by yesterday’s racing. Such a letdown to have none today. There’s some ‘Cross Worlds results, but it’s just juniors and U23s. News of ‘Cross Worlds is the course is fast with a lot of stairs, which, if the U23 results are any indication, are something lacking from ‘cross courses in […]

Pro Cycling News – Boonen Wins Doha, Bode Accuses, Rujano out of Langkawi

27 Jan

Ah, nothing like the election of what the US government calls a a terrorist group to kick off the Middle Eastern racing season. World Champ Tom Boonen has picked up right where he left off, taking today’s GP Doha ahead of Robbie Hunter and Erik Zabel (though I’ve got no clue why the Flandrian did […]

Pro Cycling News – I Bash the Media Some, News in 3rd Paragraph

26 Jan

Have I railed against the mainstream media recently? Well, allow me to do so. First – this headline. “Mentor young American riders”? Ol’ One-Nut is mentoring no one. It says right there he’s got a bloody contract, which would indicate he’s getting paid. Probably getting paid a whole lot. Mentors don’t get paid; consultants do. […]

Overcoming – Review

25 Jan

A stylistic look at CSC’s 2004 season. Directed by Tomas Gislason. Color, 105 minutes. (My apologies, but I simply cannot properly express my thoughts on this film in my typical criteria-driven format. I’ve just got way too much to say for informational bursts.) I knew I was in for disappointment when I couldn’t change the […]

Pro Cycling News – Simoni Still Talking, Team Presentations, Cancelled Races

25 Jan

The Saunier Duval media blitz (remember yesterday’s run on David Millar stories?) continues! First I thought it was just an American phenomenon (the team is somewhat notorious for giving token Americans one-year contracts), designed to sell pens, but now I see that it extends across the Atlantic. In this L’Equipe story we get a basic […]

Bikes vs. The World: Round #6 – Dave Zabriskie vs. Zabriskie Point

24 Jan

It’s baaack! And you thought I had gotten sick of it. Today’s match-up: Utah’s own Dave Zabriskie vs. the 1970 counter-culture classic Zabriskie Point. Click here for a listing of the previous battles. Category Bike Culture: Dave Zabriskie Pop Culture: Zabriskie Point (1970) Winner Claim to Fame: Bicycle racer, ’04 US TT Champ, Fastest TT […]

Pro Cycling News – Millar Clean, Saunier Camp, Team Sean Kelly

24 Jan

Are you getting sick of reading AFP stories yet? It must be that someone is on vacation over there at VeloNews. Anyway, there’s plenty to expand on from the wire service story. For example, Millar states “There are a lot of idiots out there who think you can’t win anything without drugs, but we have […]

Pro Cycling News – '07 Tour Departs London, T-Mobile's '06 Team

24 Jan

It’s a slow day. Everyone else is leading off with the T-Mobile Tour selections, but I will be different and slightly ironical (yeah, that is a word) by linking to the ’07 London Tour Departure on the T-Mobile website. Besides, what’s the big news about T-Mobile not selecting riders with a proven record of success […]