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The Puerto Purge Continues

30 Jun

Though events have progressed somewhat from this morning, my Violation of Liberty Sense is still raging over this latest round of revelations in Operation Puerto. My earlier assertion, that the ASO had blocked accused riders from competing, was incorrect; their teams suspended them after a meeting (I’m guessing closed-door) of the directeurs sportif of all […]

While You Were Sleeping

30 Jun

So, remember yesterday, when I pointed my finger at the CAS as something of a loose cannon, weilding unchecked power? Yeah…turns out I really wanted book ASO on that charge. Today, or last night (depends on where you live), they booted Jan Ullrich and some other people, then later put the sword to pretty much […]

"Irony" is a French word afterall, CAS finds for Astana, Great Scott! That's not a Wilier!

29 Jun

I find it ironic that French hate Bush so much. And no, that’s not some bawdy dig inspired by the stereotypical French inattention to hygiene. Take a look at the ASO’s stance in this recent doping affair: according to their own rules, they can kick out anyone so much as suspected of being a doper. […]

Kirsipuu Ouut, Ciclismo Espanol eres "L-S-T-O" (significo "L-I-S-T-O")

28 Jun

It’s a sad day for cycling. And this time, it’s not because of the drugs. Jaan Kirsipuu‘s astounding streak of 13 consecutive Tour de France DNFs will be coming to an end this July (I put that one in DeepQuote to point out Eurosport’s outrageous copy error). What’s even more infuriating is that Kirsipuu’s likely […]

The Operation Puerto Space Opera

27 Jun

A lot of you are wondering why I haven’t posted in a while. There are a few reasons for this. The first is that I’ve been in something of a feud with Google over the (previous) contents of this page. Then there was a brief technical issue with TextDrive, my hosting company, that, though quickly […]

Being Jan Ullrich

15 Jun

Jan Ullrich is a riddle inside a mystery wrapped (9 months out of the year) in thick coating of Rostockian lard. The man has superhuman talent that manifested itself at a very early age. A lot of people think this has lead him into some sort of Michael Jackson /Macauley Culkin early-fame flame out thing. […]

The Strange State of Americans in Cycling

13 Jun

Ok, so I know I haven’t posted in a week, and I shouldn’t have the chutzpah to criticize anyone, but come on – asking Tom Boonen “Are you the next George Hincapie?” I realize that’s not a direct quote, but the idiocy of sentiment remains. How can Boonen “follow in the footsteps” (that is a […]

Americans in the Afternoon – Dauphine Stage 3

8 Jun

Only minutes left to post on today’s news! Don’t worry; not much to report. Item #1 – Dauphine Stage 3. Name four American ex-Posties, each riding for a different team now (though one still rides for Tailwind). Now list them in reverse alphabetical order. Now swap names two and three. There’s your top 4. Click […]

Gilbert Wins Dauphine Stage as Apocalypse Draws Near

6 Jun

The fear of the End Times was palpable in the Dauphine Libere peloton today, though not inspired so much by the date (6/6/06, in case you have been on Mars for the last month, in a cave, with your eyes shut and your fingers in your ears) as by the apocalyptic visions of 21 switchbacks […]

The Dauphine, Its Results, and Riis' Open Secret

5 Jun

It’s June, that magical time of year where a one-week stage race comes to the fore in cycling, not because its victor will be showered in prestige and paychecks, but because it’s seen as an important warm-up for the Tour de France. And yet somehow, this event, where a win rates mere side-show status, maintains […]