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Why I Haven't Been Posting

29 Aug

I realize I haven’t posted in a week, despite the fact that there’s been many things to complain about. I almost got up to tell Hincapie to stop whining about the ENECO Tour finish (or for that matter, to chew out Cyclingnews for calling the race’s pancake parcours “exciting”) but there’s so much other crap […]

Still Waiting on Puerto Evidence, ENECO Drags On

21 Aug

“Lost: One large, black, three-ring binder, labeled ‘Operacion Puerto dossier’. Was to be passed to teams, UCI, WADA, etc. this week, but ran into Juan Antonio Samaranch on the Metro & got caught up in Franco regime nostalgia. Must have accidentally left on seat. If found, please return to Guardia Civil HQ; have been promising […]

Some Results, Complete and Utter Failure of Process

17 Aug

Ah, the ENECO Tour. Often cited, in comparison to Paris-Nice, as why the UCI cannot possibly survive without the ASO. And certainly, last year’s race had a few issues. But it’s so far so good, with two stages down. The prologue was Michael Schumacher, one of that mob of Teutonic TT technicians (Lang, Pollack, Rich, […]

Florencio Takes San Sebastian, You'll Never Guess What Dick Pound Thinks

15 Aug

Lots of cycling news out there to report, but I’ve been too busy slacking. I’ll start with the Classica San Sebastian, which was won by complete unknown Xavier Florencio. The Bouygues Telecom rider got the drop on the field by starting the group sprint from way out. I realize the underdog winner is a good […]

There's No News but Dope News

11 Aug

Yes, yes…it’s been a long week of me not posting. Partially because I’ve been busy, and partially because there really hasn’t been that much to report on. Jens Voigt won the Tour of Germany, capping off a monster August for Bjarne Riis and his boys at CSC. Meanwhile, some have cited Iban Mayo’s recent win […]

Voigt Rides Strong in Germany, Cancellara Takes Denmark

7 Aug

Look at this headline: “leaves Levi for dead”? Granted, Jens Voigt’s performance in the last few k of today’s Tour of Germany, in which he hung tough with the leaders up an HC climb, fell off a bit toward the summit, and then battled back to win the stage with a long, agonizing sprint, was […]

Floyd Lawyers Up, Zabel and O'Grady Blame it on the Rain

3 Aug

Floyd, man, why you gotta let your lawyer make you look bad? Your boy is talking about how he’s troubled the UCI has “spoken out” about your case? They kept your identity secret until your team broke the news. And then he sounds off about how the B sample “has not been tested? Landis, please; […]

Skies Darken over Landis, Tour of Germany.

1 Aug

Ok, Eurosport, you just made my sh!t list. First, you say the Landis results will be in by Monday; then you give me the “oh, it hasn’t be tested yet, but it will be soon, and now we’ll know by Saturday? Weak sauce, man. Though I suppose I should pass on a little blame to […]