Archive | November, 2006

The Death of Isaac Galvez and Its Repercussions

28 Nov

If you’d told me last week that there’d be cycling news unrelated to the phantom stories of Operacion Puerto or the race organizer/ProTour schism, I would have told you I’d be psyched to report on it. Then, it turns out to be this. Isaac Galvez, multiple-time World Champion on the track, is now dead, following […]

Leaks, Myopia, Ignorance, and Other Euro Cycling Diseases

14 Nov

Today’s Yahoo! Cycling headline: “Hackers Steal Data at French anti-Doping Lab”. No points for guessing which French anti-doping lab, especially if you’re Paola Pezzo or Lance Armstrong. (By the way, it just so happens the “scientist” who leaked the Armstrong case to L’Equipe participated recently in the super-secret meeting on DNA testing. I sure hope […]

A Return to the News

6 Nov

No rants today, folks, and none for a while, I promise. Just a return to the good old fashioned news updates, primarily because my ethical indignation glands have been going full bore since July 1, and are now completely tapped out. First news item of the day is old: Operacion Puerto has been shelved. No […]