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Slew of Seconds at 'Cross Worlds, Quick-Step Leads at Qatar

29 Jan

Well wouldja look at that? Three American silver medals at the Cyclocross World Championsips – only the U23 Men (of course, the squad I actually know people on) failed to podium, or, for that matter, to even play a major role. While I’m as pumped as the next Yank about these finishes, let’s just keep […]

The Lyin' of Flanders

24 Jan

Today, Johan Museeuw did more damage to sport of cycling than any rider since the incorrigible Richard Virenque. At a press conference, the so-called “Lion of Flanders” gave tacit credence to the doping charges that haunted much of his career by saying, with resounding ambiguity, “I was not 100% honest”. The phrase “not 100% honest” […]

Pound, McQuaid Flaunt Job Security; Valverde Rumors.

10 Jan

Things are booming in the idiot business, and these days, there’s no shortage of work. Dick Pound, a sort of Google among the intellectually lacking, has been on a media blitz recently. Why the Canadian wants to parade his reckless impartiality and complete lack of technical knowledge to the general populace so close to the […]

Quote of the Month – Mayo's a Stranger to Yellow

3 Jan

Some might say it’s a tad early yet to be declaring a given soundbite the Quote of the Month. But the way I’ve been posting recently, this may be the only quote I take a moment to rip on in January. So savor it. Trust me, it’s tasty. “Mayo admitted he would find it strange […]