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Petacchi, Zabel Win; Doping Worse Than Killing Babies

31 May

Ok, I think we’ve returned to the point that a Petacchi Giro win is no longer an important story. Even if he has to go alone from 800m. Sorry, Peta, but you’re just a victim of your own success. Your teammake Erik gets props, though, for his first vic of the season, exactly a week […]

Simoni Takes Zoncolon, DiLuca Stays Pink, ASO Still Clueless

30 May

Monte Zoncolan – need I say more? I’m not sure why people would build roads on such a thing, or where you would find engineers perverse enough to design them, but they’re there, so why not race bikes up them? Giberto Simoni put in an 11th hour attack in his 4th consecutive Giro, and for […]

Giro Weekend Recap, Things Don't Make Sense

29 May

You know, I’m thinking I might buy some Breathe Right strips – I mean, look what they do for Eddy Mazzoleni! While Cyclingnews’ story / buddy comedy film pitch on Savoldelli and Mazzo has put me in slightly less of a mood to mention the latter’s association with a pair of ongoing dope investigations, it’s […]

I Have Doper Mind Control, Bruseghin wins Giro HTT

25 May

Oh, man – I am so excited. For the past two days I have been rocking some major mind-control powers on dope confessions. I say “maybe Zabel will own up to it” – boom. Zabel owns up to it. I comment it’s time for Bjarne to come clean – boom. Bjarne comes clean. So who’s […]

DiLuca In Pink, Zabel Confesses

24 May

How about that DiLuca, eh? Gapped Simoni over the Izoard despite The Spider’s frequent surges, and denied him the stage win twice in the final KM. Maybe Bobke Strut was wrong after all. Gibo didn’t do so poorly himself, but I’m sure he would have like to have taken back some Stage 1 TTT losses […]

Petacchi Makes it Three; T-Mobile Confessions Run Wild

23 May

You know, VeloNews’ Charles Pelkey seemed to think today’s victory hearkened back to the golden days of Petacchi and his train at Fassa B. And while I didn’t see the race, look at that picture – seems like Gabriele Balducchi came dangerously close to talking the stage. And if the live reports are to be […]

Giro GC = Corn, The Doping Tide Turns

22 May

Like someone stuffed all the contenders into a can of corn and fired a shotgun through the bottom of it – that’s how I’d describe the Giro d’Italia GC after today’s stage. The shot missed some corn entirely – most of the GC contenders – and they’re floating right around where you’d expect them to […]

Lake Sunapee Race Report

22 May

Around 7:30 am, I departed Hanover for Lake Sunapee, having passed up massive opportunity for drink and debauchery the night previous, with passenger Erik Newman, who most certainly did not. We were hopeful when we left that the damp, but not rainy, and cool, but not cold, conditions would continue throughout the day. As we […]

Weekend Recap, Landis Trial Slows

21 May

Yes, another weekend without posts. I do try to post on weekends, you know, but I haven’t been home for an entire weekend since…well, since a while. While I was gone, though, nothing too significant happened. Petacchi won another stage, but don’t go calling it a return to dominance just yet – the big guy […]

The Drama Intensifies

18 May

Could the Landis trial get any weirder? The all-black outfit, the shocking revelation, the implicit admission, the sudden dismissal, VeloNews using citebite (wonder where they learned that?), the sorrowful repentance – when a Podium Cafe poster referred to the Landis case as “the cycling equivalent of the OJ trial”, they weren’t joking. Future generations will […]