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A Trip to Lake Wobegon

17 Dec

So that last post extinguished my urge to talk about baseball for the next decade or so, but I still feel obligated to note that, after a mere three days, baseball already has its own David Millar and Tyler Hamilton. Clemens might do well to note that had Tyler just come clean back in ’04, […]

Why Baseball Looks (and may soon be) Cleaner Than Cycling

13 Dec

Forget the weak dollar, foreign wars, and the past two presidential elections – America is still the greatest country in the world. You know why? The Mitchell Report [PDF; short version here]. No tabloid B.S., no codenames, no rumor, and no innuendo. Just the facts: a man on the inside, receipts, confessions, testimony and positive […]

Ullrich Season Continues, DiLuca Denies Non-Illegal Act, WADA Media Committee?

10 Dec

Does Germany have its own version of Rupert Murdock? If so, does anyone else get the feeling that Jan Ullrich must have been porking his wife? I realize my only exposure to the German press is through cycling, but every frickin’ day it’s another thing with these people. Today’s screed – Ullrich and Fuentes were […]

No More-Ov Vinokourov

7 Dec

You gotta feel for the people of Kazakhstan. They’re totally bummed the rest of the world thinks their country is so backward, but damn if their government doesn’t just suck at convincing people otherwise. Take this who Vinokourov situation – first, they say he’s innocent, then, in the face of overwhelming evidence, they find Vino’ […]

Clean Cycling – The Time to Invest is Now

4 Dec

I’m sure that at some point in my life, I’ll be disgraced. And when that day comes, I hope I can weather the storm and resign respectfully, without trampling my denouement under a landslide of excuses; e.g., “I’m not a married, self-loathing homosexual – I’m just prone to misunderstandings. Lots of them“. “I’m not into […]

T-Mobile Folds, No Cyclingnews Links

1 Dec

You know what would simplify my life times infinity? If Cyclingnews gave itself a bloody RSS feed. Every day I have to open my browser, open a new tab, wait for the page to open, wait for pictures to load, scroll down, open a million different tabs for all their latest news, breaking news, etc., […]