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Kmeleon Compression Shorts & Tights – Review

24 Feb

Kmeleon is a new company that designs and manufactures compression athletic apparel in Montreal. They sent Cyclocosm a pair of their shorts and tights for testing and reveiw. Here’s how things shook out: Style: 3. While not the most exciting look in the world, there’s something to be said for a plain pair of black […]

Another Week, Another French Win.

17 Feb

Right…so I took on a third job last week. Questionable judgment on my part, I know, but it appears to be a short-term kinda thing. At any rate, some of my predictions in last week’s post have already begun to come true. Astana – not invited to the ’08 Tour. No Kloeden, no Levi, no […]

2008: The Year of the French

10 Feb

Het Volk isn’t until March 1st this year, but it’s never too soon to start dredging the murky channels of cycling to see what fetid gunk comes up. First sloppy bucketload – some guy whose name I can’t pronounce won a race I can’t pronounce. This sort of thing would normally make me feel like […]

Everki Pace Cycling Backpack – Review

7 Feb

The folks at Everki sent me their Pace backpack last fall. I’ve been abusing it solidly ever since. Does it still work? Style: 2. The first thing you notice about this pack is its relative formlessness. Kinda just a big lump, with everything else tucked away inside. And, it’s uh, mostly black. With this kind […]

Sheldon Brown, R.I.P., RCS Still Alive, Qatar

6 Feb

It was a rough Sunday out here in New England. First was the Pats loss, and then came word of Sheldon Brown’s passing. It’s not so much that without Sheldon’s site I wouldn’t be writing this; it’s that I wouldn’t be on a bike. At all. Riding a bicycle, especially an entry-level machine, causes stuff […]