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2008 Milan-Sanremo

24 Mar

In response to Velonews’ pre-race question “sprint or break”, the answer is “no”. Drawing obvious comparisons to last year’s staggering TdF stage win at Compeigne, Fabian Cancellara once again turned savvy, raw power and a confusing race situation into a glorious breakaway win. While TT riders can be notoriously poor performers in tense, tactical race […]

At Long Last: Het Volk & KBK 2008!

3 Mar

Ah, finally, good cause to ignore all the piddly little races that have filled up the cycling calendar so far. Not that I haven’t ignored them up to this point, of course, but now I have an excuse… In 2006, Phillippe Gilbert broke out onto the international cycling scene by taking his first Het Volk. […]