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Morning Cyclocross Practice

18 Nov

There are advantages to a good Wednesday Morning Worlds beyond fitness, socializing, and improved handling skills: Note also that I took these with an iPhone—not even the 3gS. Just imagine what it looked like in real life.

It's All In The Pitch

16 Nov

What the hell kind of sales pitch is this? Mr. “it is impossible to win without doping” Bernhard Kohl is now opening a massive bike shop? How are you gonna sell all that gram-saving, wind-cheating schlock to armies of overpaid Masters racers when you’re on record as a member of the Better Living Through Chemistry […]

15 Nov

I believe you mean “”. You also seem to have omitted, the obvious pinnacle of online cycling commentary.

The Procycling Manager Curse?

12 Nov

If there’s one thing keeping American sports journalists employed, it’s the notion of curses. A curse, The Curse, Billygoats, magazines, video games—whatever. It sometimes seems that anything that has nothing to do with on-field performance sells copy. Apparently—possibly due to social support systems that don’t require pandering to the readers’ basest instincts to boil the […]

You'd Be Concerned, Too

10 Nov

As Jens Voight’s crash reminded us this summer, there’s no end to the danger lurking in the high mountains of the Tour. But the woman in this image—taken from the excellent, free-to-use collection of the Nationaal Archief—has special reason to be concerned. Wim Van Est was the first Dutchman to don the yellow jersey in […]

Are You A Speed-Seeking, Torso-less Pair of Legs?

9 Nov

Then, man—has Speedplay got the pair of pedals for you. In a claim worthy of Chesterfield Cigarettes, Speedplay has asserted that wind tunnel testing has proved its pedals will save you an astounding 33 seconds per hour if you use the four bolt attachment. There are, of course, the obvious problems with this wind-tunnel derived […]

The Tell-Tale Hub: A #CXDrama Story

5 Nov

There’s never been a shortage of #cxdrama surrounding the domestic cyclocross scene. All that standing around before and after a 45-minute long race inevitably leads to gossipy cyclists taking swipes at each other. Having the Internet around sure doesn’t help—Sandy Baggins, the ebay auction, the Johnson/Page incident, etc. But ironically enough, it took a man […]

Cadel Evans: Intervention

2 Nov

This is an intervention, Cadel. You have a victim complex, and you need to stop sabotaging yourself. It’s not that surprising—competitive cycling is largely an exercise in masochism—and the best riders tend to be the ones who’ve learned how to wield self-administered agony with the most unmitigated glee. But Cadel—oh, Cadel. I’m hoping you know […]