Archive | March, 2010

Celebrating Second Place

28 Mar

Cycling’s a strange discipline. In what other sport would it be perfectly normal to describe a string of second-places in high profile events as “a problem“. In cycling, while three athletes get to ascend the podium, there’s the winner, and then there’s everybody else. It’s almost better for everyone if the win is a “no […]

Fixing Tom Boonen

27 Mar

The relationship between Tom Boonen and the E3 Prijs has got to be one of the most complex in cycling. The second-tier classic was one of the Belgian’s first major wins in his wunderkind days, and he had a literal lock on the event for four straight years. But the past two editions have not […]

Is It Possible To Be Too Pro

24 Mar

While I’ve made occasional reference to the concept of “pro”-ness on this blog, that fact is that it’s never been something of special concern to me. I have neither the income to assemble my own housing-level pro build, nor the free time to aggregate links directing my readers to the same. But recent events have […]

Strange News While I'm Off The Grid

18 Mar

Man, I go off the grid for a second and the whole world goes bananas. I don’t even know where to begin. First, Versus (Comcast, really) and DirecTV get into yet another idiotic conflict over carriage rates. Versus temporarily disappears from DirecTV, words are exchanged, and predictably, the modern-day frog war is resolved. Strangely, Velonews, […]

The New "Stop Lance" Shirt

15 Mar

So this (also available in white/red and black/yellow) is probably going to take some explanation. The best place to start would be with a history lesson: in 1972, Steve Prefontaine had energized American audiences with his sensational distance running, leading to a proliferation of fan shirts that simply read “Go Pre”. A few contrarians decided […]

We Are Currently Experiencing Technical Difficulties

11 Mar

So for those of you who aren’t following me on Twitter, I’m currently in western North Carolina, getting in some riding and destroying my car on the very mountain roads that allegedly make this place so nice to ride in. Unfortunately, the infrastructure I need to produce things on this blog have been hard to […]

Politics Between The Races

4 Mar

Kind of a strange little hiatus, here. Two biggish races and then a little gap before the ProTour gets rolling at Paris-Nice. True, Lance is racing again, but I don’t find the early season warm-up all that compelling—certainly not when I can spend my time sussing out the various mind games at work. It’s probably […]

Is It Time To Update The Opening Weekend?

1 Mar

The 2010 season’s opening weekend has come and gone, and its traditionally tough races did not disappoint. Juan-Antonio Flecha finally got his first classic win at Het Nieuwsblad—though a glance over his shoulder just before his winning salute might have been a coy reference to that race he should have won. The next day, KBK […]