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Pre-Race Jitters

30 Jun

Oh, Bill Strickland—you sir, are a troublemaker. Tweeting about RadioShack TdF exclusion rumors three days before the start of the race and giving everyone Puerto flashbacks. While I was very glad to see your attention-grabbing release of the eff-bomb quote from the epilogue of your book—it does take the tired pre-Tour mantra of choice up […]

2010 Tour de France Versus Media Call

29 Jun

Versus hosted its media call for the 2010 Tour de France today, with Phil Liggett, Paul Sherwen, Tyler Farrar, Christian VandeVelde and Levi Leipheimer all on the line at one point or another. Highlights for me were Tyler saying the exposure to Dutch roads at the Giro will probably make things worse for the Tour, […]

Please Don't Read Beyond the Byline

28 Jun

Bah. You know, back in the day, this sort of thing required at least a modicum of skill. You’d look at the calendar, notice the week-and-a-half that had passed without any real news, see the Tour was about to start and you’d write something like “I sense a dope story is near”. People were once […]

The Luckiest Man in the Peloton

25 Jun

I’ve been doing a little video work on some sprinting footage ahead of the Tour de France. I’ve looked through the Cavendish crash more times than I care to remember, but I still cannot get over the break Juan Antonio Flecha catches as the race just dissolves in front of him. Here’s a quick video […]

Conflict of Interest

24 Jun

I realize I burn off a lot of text trying to drive the point home. This screenshot probably does a better job:

The Cyclocosm Audio Mailbox System

23 Jun

Ever since I began the making How The Race Was Won videos, my propensity for mispronunciation has become more and more embarrassing. In many ways, it’s not my fault—well over 90% of the information I consume on the sport comes from web text, which doesn’t do a great job of conveying linguistic nuance. In the […]

It Must Be Tour Time

22 Jun

It must be getting close to Tour time because emails from PR firms are starting to roll in again. It’s a strange distribution model, really—especially for books. Come up with an idea, send out a bunch of letters to convince some company to pay you to write it, and have that company in turn hire […]

No Shortage of post-Suisse Storylines

21 Jun

The Tour de Suisse was interesting this year. Not so much because of the battle for general classification, which all but defaulted into Frank Schleck’s hands, but because of the storylines it sprang for the upcoming Tour de France. Most obvious would have to be that dazzling crash among the sprinters on Stage 4. We […]

How The Race Was Won – Criterium du Dauphine 2010

16 Jun

Finally! The race formerly known as Dauphine Libere gets a rundown, focused almost entirely on the L’Alpe du Huez stage. It’s too bad, really—there were some great finishes on the other days, but stage races are tricky to video summarize like this. [right-click for iTunes-compatible download, tap for iPad/iPhone] Much of the delay was due […]

Re-Examining the One-Week Race

14 Jun

Right—so it’s taking longer to get squared away than I thought. Curtain rods need to be hung, boxes need to be returned, broken iPhones need to be repurposed, etc., etc. I have video from the L’Alpe stage at Dauphine, but realized halfway into production, that still have no mic; fortunately, I also have no job, […]