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30 Aug

There was something eerily familiar about the suddenness which with Cervelo Test Team’s and Garmin-Transitions’ fortunes changed just before the Vuelta. The sneak attack, the telegraphic language in the press releases, and the valiant counter-strike—like something from a half-remembered dream in my Internet Youth. Contains graphic elements possibly inspired by works from Flickr user Nathalie […]

2010 Vuelta, Stage 2: "And How Did He Do It, GoGo?"

29 Aug

I like Todd Gogulski—really. Cycling commentary needs more ex-pros and fewer NCAA place kickers (in case you’d been wondering where VeloCenter’s Scott Kaplan came from) hurling fairly obvious questions at them. But after a surprising finish at the Vuelta today, GoGo really missed the move on sorting things out. The audio is a follows is […]

Looking Better Every Second

27 Aug

Oh yes. This is totally the direction I want to see the sport going in. Take the sponsor who’s pleased enough with a gutsy third-place finish to put the bike in their museum, then dissolve their team. Follow that up by reintroducing the guy who was caught in a police sting at an illicit blood […]

And Still a Month to Melbourne

23 Aug

Looking for a spot on the Aussie worlds team? I would say your best bet is to avoid winning a stage at the ENECO Tour. Robbie McEwen—wins stage one, not invited. Jack Bobridge—wins Stage 5, not invited. Granted, McEwen’s been having the worst season of his long career with just one other win, and that’s […]

The International Advantage

20 Aug

There was some dispute in the comments section (#4) of the last post about whether or not nationalism was good business in cycling. While I think there’s something to be said on either side of the issue, I maintain that its influence will become increasingly detrimental in an ever-more-international sport. Consider Rabobank—though widely considered a […]

Deutschland Reaps the Doping Dividend

18 Aug

For riders not invited to the Vuelta and unlikely to fare well at Lombardy, the World Championships are now the primary concern, and, stuck with a comparatively runty team at the event, Andreas Kloeden has gone online to voice his crankiness. Kloedi encouraged his fellow riders to “stop arguing on Internet” and earn more points […]

Longer-Term Investments

17 Aug

I’m wondering who’s more surprised about Ricco’s move to Vacansoleil—fans, journalists, or the rider himself. Ricco seemed pretty sure about going to Quick.Step only a few short days ago, but as press agents anywhere can tell you, the great advantage to leaking information rather than making an above-board announcement is plausible deniability. That said, the […]

The 2011 Cycling Broadcast Media Challenge

13 Aug

Do my eyes deceive me? Is there a piece critical of Lance Armstrong up on If it weren’t comparing him to Mel Gibson (hard to imagine the phone calls curiously absent from Armstrong’s emails with Floyd and Dr. Kay were anywhere near that bad) or erroneously claiming that Armstrong smashed Floyd’s (or Armstrong’s own […]

Team RadioShack Race Radio Redub

10 Aug

This isn’t my best work, but considering the source material—audio from the Nike US Postal documentary The Road To Paris, an old RadioShack mobile phone ad from 1990, and a brief clip from Floyd Landis’ Nighline interview—it’s not too awful. I’d hoped to scrape some more goodies from The Lance Chronicles, but Floyd and the […]

Old-Style Racing

9 Aug

The number one thing mentioned by Americans racing in Europe isn’t the higher level of competition, or the bigger crowds, or the greater exposure, but the races themselves. Euro Junior courses are so burley that “even the pro guys would protest” if people tried to put them on in the States, and Ted King frequently […]