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Forget Doping—Cycling's Media Problems Are Worse

30 Nov

It’s strange, really—crafting a race strategy and timing that perfect attack doesn’t seem so different from devising a policy for dealing with the media and scheduling your tidbits to the press for maximum impact. And yet, cyclists and those involved in cycling seem to have a near-bottomless penchant for screwing it up. Take Floyd Landis […]

Top Tube Pads: The Future of CX?

28 Nov

Chris Horner has never been an adherent to cyclocross orthodoxy. From top-mount levers, to paired-spoke wheels, to a whole lot of other things, Horner has always marched to the beat of his own drummer when racing on the dirt. But at Friday’s Jingle Cross in Iowa City, Horner debuted another CX innovation: (original image from […]

The Pistolero Steakhouse T-Shirt

12 Nov

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of Norwegians telling me what to think. Take Thor Hushovd getting his knickers in a twist because of the local support Alberto Contador has received since his positive dope test. Just because most of his fans are too busy being employed to flood into the streets is […]

Poor Communication On Either Side Of The Atlantic

4 Nov

Communication is highly underrated. Take my recent dust-up with The Atlantic over a deleted comment on their not-initially-so-accurate history of blood doping. With no direct contact emails for authors and editors, a reluctance to respond to @replies or Tumblr inquiries, and a Memory Hole-esque contact form as the only institutional recourse, that magazine makes it […]