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"A Sprint that will be Talked About"

27 Nov

If you missed yesterday’s World Cup Cyclocross race in Koksijde, consider yourself unlucky. Aside from the usual train of heinous sand sections, this year’s Elite Men’s Race finished with a two-up sprint, won very controversially by Sven Nys. As someone who’s watched a lot of road sprints, it seemed like a pretty obvious case of […]

Cyclocross Clinchers: Pressures, Sealants, and Tube Variations

25 Nov

Wonderful for most cycling applications, the humble clincher tire does not perform well under the rigors of cyclocross racing. While I’ve discussed this before, there are a few things I didn’t bring up in the previous piece that definitely deserve mention. The first thing that ought to come up in this discussion—as readers have noted—is […]

The Dissatisfying Taste of Due Process in the Contador Case

21 Nov

Seventeen months after testing positive for clenbuterol during the 2010 Tour de France, Alberto Contador—or rather, those who seek to have him punished—will finally have their day in court. After a provisional suspension, a one-year suspension recommendation, a surprising clearing of all charges, and more delays than I care to Google, the sport will get […]

An Open Letter to The Internet about That Guy

9 Nov

Dear Internet, Let’s all stop talking about That Guy. While the phrase “that guy” has a coloquial meaning (and That Guy has most certainly gone out of his way to be “that guy”) I’m actually referring to a specific person, here. A former cyclist. You know the one I’m talking about, probably because Cyclingnews ran […]

Put the Sharpie Down and Back Away from the Sidewall

8 Nov

Occasionally, people ask me why I don’t more actively seek out work in the cycling industry. Aside from the fact that it’s an insider’s game and I’ve got the schmoozing skills of a dyspeptic orangutan, there’s just no way I could bring myself to participate in the absolute nonsense the positions tend to require—all the […]

Cyclocosm 3.0

7 Nov

Notice anything a little bit…different? I figured, since this site is one of relatively few notable accomplishments in an increasingly long and increasingly undistinguished career, it might be in my best interests to update the theme a bit. I liked 2007 as much as the next guy, but there have been some fantastic developments in […]