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Cyclocross: Cycling's George W. Bush

19 Dec

Ah, Cyclocross—scruffy, fun-loving younger brother of road cycling. None of the endless training and expense, all of the fun, dirt, and beer handups, right? Surely this is the most populist of all sports, is it not? No, actually—not even close. Not since a third-generation Yalie picked up a Texas accent and ran for President as […]

How The Race Was Bought

8 Dec

Back in the spring of 2010, when a short bike commute meant I still had time to make videos, I had the distinct pleasure of defending Alexander Vinokourov’s performance in what I thought was a very cannily raced Liege-Bastogne-Liege. While a host of riders may have been stronger, Vino’ leveraged timing and infighting among the […]

VeloNews Dead Link Article Finder

1 Dec

Enter a dead Velonews URL: What, you thought I was just blowing hot air? For all its *ahem* foibles, is one of the oldest and richest cycling resources on the Internet. The Wayback Machine has snapshots dating from late 1997, and the current incarnation of the site contains at least a few stories that […]