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How The Race Was Won – Tour of Romandie 2013

29 Apr

A hilly stage race that—were it not for some lousy weather—might not have even had a hilltop finish. Still, the tight time gaps lead to some hard chasing and interesting sprints, and a renewed appreciation on the part of yours truly for the skills of Gianni Meersman. [click for iPad/iPhone/download] The race was also a […]

The Perils of Over-Specialization

26 Apr

Script (not verbatim, contains typos, and sometimes I go off-book) Today’s rant is abbreviated and delayed somewhat by time and circumstance. If you haven’t been following me on twitter, or haven’t seen the previous post at, then you don’t know that I spent yesterday riding from my home base in Hartford CT, to New […]

Ride on Washington, Stage 2

25 Apr

Just a quick update: I’m jumping into the second leg of the Ride on Washington today. I’ll be doing my best to live-tweet antics on @Cyclocosm, and, as an added bonus, if you chip in $20 of the $500 I promised to raise, I’ll do a mini-rant cast on the topic if your choice!

How The Race Was Won – Liege-Bastogne-Liege 2013

22 Apr

Coming into this Sunday, there were a lot of big squads without a classics win, and only one classic left on the table. One came good with some spectacular teamwork and and cool-as-a-cucumber riding. Also featured—more electronic shifting follies, some road blocking, an arm sling, over-aggressive spectators and a gigantic panda costume. What’s not to […]

The Death of "Trickle Down"

19 Apr

Script (not verbatim, contains typos, and sometimes I go off-book)  SRAM, SRAM, SRAM, sram…I don’t really dislike you guys—it’s just bad timing. No, I’m not complaining about the ham-handed marketing of having a launch event and then embargoing it for three days in this interconnected, live-tweeted milieu, or that you’re offering hydraulic road brakes—despite being not […]

How The Race Was Won – Amstel Gold 2013

15 Apr

Did a course tweak just work out? Certainly the race-winning move employed the aggression and pluck that had been missing from the (successful) attacks in previous editions. And the cast of characters battling at the front brought some new names and new faces to the fore. [click for iPad/iPhone/download] Also, I could have spent all […]

I Fight Fauxthority

12 Apr

Script (not verbatim, contains typos, and sometimes I go off-book) So today I’m going to take aim at—god, I don’t even know what to call it. Authority? Nah, sounds too punk rock. Old fogeydom? Well, there’s nothing wrong with being an old fogey, per se—many of them are quite entertaining.  North Korean press release syndrome? […]

How The Race Was Won – Paris-Roubaix 2013

8 Apr

A surprisingly cagey effort from a certain overwhelming favorite, better known for watts than wiles. Startlingly good weather for a race and a year notable for nastiness. Omega-Pharma stacks the front with riders and comes away with…ok, I guess that’s par for the course this year. Did I mention it was the fastest Roubaix in […]

Garmin: The Little Device That Doesn't

5 Apr

Script (not verbatim, contains typos, and sometimes I go off-book) Yo, check out this new gadget I got, it’s called a Blackberry.  It’s great for taking care of stuff on the go, like a mobile computer, except that I can’t look at photos or videos or fling cartoon birds at abstractly rendered pigs or really […]

How The Race Was Won – Tour of Flanders 2013

1 Apr

Don’t want to come across as too unimpressed with the new course, but the gaps between the hills are such that it plays out a lot like a cobbled Amstel Gold—mercifully, without the finishing climb so riders feel at least slightly motivated make a move rather than wait for the inevitable selection. [click for iPad/iPhone/download] […]