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How The Race Was Won – Clasica San Sebastian 2013

29 Jul

Does anyone call this the Climber’s Classic? Well, they shouldn’t. Sure, the length of the race and climbs take a toll, but they’re pretty tame as far as slope goes, and a clever all-rounder can get away if the favorites can’t seem to sort things out—and if the motos don’t provide too much support to […]

How The Race Was Won – Tour de France 2013, Stages 16-21

22 Jul

A complete HTRWW’d grand Tour, all released next-day in spite of a weird centennial schedule, non-standard Euro codecs, and all sorts of crazy fans—though judging by the last week rider-on-fan violence, I think it might be important for spectators to scale it back a touch. Need to catch up? Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. […]

How The Race Was Won – Tour de France 2013, Stages 10-15

15 Jul

Crosswinds! Crash drama! Sylvain Chavanel demonstrating additional facets of his seemingly limitless skillset! One week remaining, with each day’s profile revealing legitimate, game changing potential. Catch up here (Stages 1-4, Stages 5-9) and watch the fireworks tomorrow. [click for iPad/iPhone/download]

How The Race Was Won – Tour de France 2013, Stages 5-9

8 Jul

The 2013 Tour de France GC race is in full swing, and the world is full of opinions! Me, I like to make sure we don’t forget to appreciate the flat stages—if, for no other reason than they tend to age better. Also, you should probably catch up on stages 1 through 4—it’ll make this […]

How The Race Was Won -Tour de France 2013, Stages 1-4

3 Jul

I think I’m OK with starting the Tour with sans prologue. Still not changing my mind on bonus seconds. That said, it’s been an exciting enough start to the race—especially for Orica-GreenEdge. Not too bad for RadioShack, kinda meh for Omega-Pharma and terribly unlucky for one Edward King. Oh, hey—and if you just stumbled across […]

Can We Please Stop Ruining Bike Races With Electronic Shifting?

2 Jul

I’m not going to claim impartiality here—if nothing else, I think electronic shifting is massively over-priced. I’ve never ridden it—I hear it shifts well and smoothly and precisely and is super-cool, and I have no reason to dispute that. But similarly, I think there’s no counter-argument to the fact that when it doesn’t shift, you […]