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Yes, You Should Probably Just Get Cyclocross Tubulars

30 Aug

If you’re having a blast on a burp-free tubeless set-up, or have never pinched out on the bell lap/hammered yourself into oblivion on 45psi with clinchers, this post isn’t for you. Tubular tires are not a necessity for racing or enjoying cyclocross. If whatever you’re doing works, and you don’t feel like your tires are […]

How The Race Was Won – USA Pro Challenge 2013

28 Aug

If the event is looking a bit unsettled about its name, may I suggest “Tour of Colorado”? Sorry it’s a bit late, and afraid I won’t be doing HTRWW for the Vuelta due to some time zone issues and day job time constraints. That said, there’s more going on over the next months than 21 […]

Rantcast #14 – The Myth of The Infallible LBS

15 Aug

Well, had some people complain about censoring the profanity last time which is fine—since this edition of the Rantcast is probably going to piss the living shit out of everyone anyway it probably won’t matter. Last time around, my beef was what cycling commentators weren’t saying, this week it’s on what the industry won’t shut […]

Rantcast #13 – The Lance Problem

2 Aug

Script (not verbatim, contains typos, and sometimes I go off-book) Yeah, so breaking news last week—did you know cyclists were doping in the 1998 Tour de France? I know, right? Didn’t see that one coming, despite the fact that during that year a Team Festina car got caught at the French Boarder with 250 vials […]