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How The Race Was Won – UCI Women's World Road Race 2013

30 Sep

[iPad/iPhone/m4v if the embed doesn’t work]

So in a curious reversal of the normal state of affairs, I was able to get footage to Saturday’s Women’s RR before I could acquire the the Men’s Event from Sunday—which, in case you think I’m just sitting around not making you videos, I still haven’t gotten to watch yet.

I’ve been meaning to get a women’s race done for a while so I wasn’t going to let the opportunity pass. A few technical snares kept me from getting online earlier in the day, but no matter—it’s ready now. Hopefully more later in the week.

How the Race Was Won x BTB TV – Trek Cyclocross Collective Cup 2013

26 Sep

This week’s Behind the Barriers feature is the Trek CX Collective Cup—it’s the first-ever running of the event, so you can understand some of my confusion on the exact details. Despite the seemingly ad-hoc venue (Trek HQ!) and firm conditions, the sharp elevation changes and thoughtful tape routing made for a selective and hard-fought event.

After last week, no surprise that Cannondale/’s Ryan Trebon wasn’t shy about coming to the front and flexing the watts. But a much earlier selection this time around opened the door for lots more tactical probing, from riders young (Cal Giant’s Yannick Eckmann) and old (Cannondale/’s Tim Johnson), and the buzz of activity spared no contender a few nervous moments on the ropes.

How The Race Was Won x BTB TV – Rapha Starcrossed CX 2013

19 Sep

Yes, the rumors are true—I’ll be teaming up with this ‘cross season to produce “How The Race Was Won” episodes of the CX races they film. Pretty nifty stuff if I do say so myself.

The first collab is from Rapha Starcrossed CX, this past weekend’s season opener. Fast, flat, and a little dusty, the race featured scads of barrier hopping, a touch of drama, and a patient, well-read race from the eventual winner. Enjoy!

And no, this was not the reason there hasn’t been any HTRWW on the Vuelta—BTB TV slots in nicely with my other work on Cyclocosm and won’t cost you any road coverage. Hopefully I can get a Rantcast done this week and give you all a little update on that front, too.

How The Race Was Won – GP Ouest-France 2013

3 Sep

I know, I know—we’d all rather see a Vuelta recap, but this month the day job has been particularly rigorous. You’ll all have the ability to help me out with that in the near future, but for now, the Grand Prix Ouest-France will have to suffice.

[iPad/iPhone/m4v if the embed doesn’t work]

Anyway, plenty of aggression—sometimes senseless, sometimes half-hearted—characterized this one-day WorldTour circuit race. Intrigue, some clever riding, and something of a surprise at the end. Still not quite as “classic” as its spring counterparts, but as a World Championships tune-up, it’ll do.