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How The Race Was Won x BTB TV – Deschutes Brewery Cup Women

25 Dec

So, I might be in the wrong time zone, at the wrong latitude, and in the wrong weather (Hawaii) but that doesn’t mean I can’t throw together another HTRWW on the women’s race at the Deschutes Brewery Cup. While the men’s race might have been colder, the women experienced much more rapidly changing conditions, putting even more priority on riders’ abilities to adjust, recover from bobbles, and pick the right moment for the critical pass.

How The Race Was won x BTB – Deschutes Brewery Cup

12 Dec

YES! SNOW! I cannot properly describe how much I love racing in the snow, especially snow like riders experienced at the Deschutes Brewery Cup. Lots of slipping and sliding, body English, little to no group tactics, and a spill or two thrown in for good measure. I just hope Jeremy Durrin’s hands will someday recover

How The Race Was Won x BTB – Jingle Cross Rock – Rock 1

5 Dec

ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: HTRWWs from all three days of CX race weekend. The evening session of Jingle Cross Rock’s opening day didn’t feature the wind and weather of rest of the weekend, but it wasn’t without it’s charms. Tight, technical, dusty bends, a mercilessly steep run-up, and a challenging exploration of the anecdotal advice that if you’re not sure whether it’s faster to ride, you probably shouldn’t.