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The Week in Bike #37 – 26 September 2014

26 Sep

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How The Race Was Won x BTB TV – Cross Vegas Men 2014

20 Sep

The term “grass crit” gets thrown around a lot, but a fair amount of road tactics and even teamwork in this one. Plus a little controversy, at least one dollar pick-up, and the big differences tiny differences in technique can make.

The Week in Bike #36 – 19 September 2014

19 Sep

Hour “record”, marketing, vandalism, weather, crashing, Britain, weird stuff,, Gerrans-ing, Lotto Belisol Belgium Tour, Vos, van Dijk, “naked” kits, Buzzfeed, pumpkin spice condoms, free publicity, decency.

How The Race Was Won x BTB TV – Cross Vegas Women 2014

19 Sep

Cyclocross in the desert in mid-September. You know my feelings on this. And yet, an incrementally improving course and progressively more legit line-up has really raised the quality over the years. A few spills, some smart riding and an exciting sprint—though it still remains to be seen whether what happens in Vegas…still doesn’t really have an impact on the rest of the season.

How The Race Was Won – Vuelta a España 2014 – Stages 17-21

16 Sep

A great run-in and sprint, a few late GC deciders, and one “why-did-we-even-bother-to-start” day. And maybe another flyby or two.


Cat 3 35+ Mythbusting

14 Sep

cat3As a recent transplant to Colorado, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the quality of the handful BRAC Colorado’ Cross Cup races I’ve done so far. But I will say I’m a little confused by the number of separate fields these events jam into single day of racing.

I think many of these races could be combined, but for the moment, I’m going to focus on the split that most closely affects me: there are separate fields for Cat 3 racers—one “Open” race, and one reserved for those age 35 and up.

The result is two small fields (24 and 46, respectively, at my last event) of similarly skilled and experienced riders starting a minute or two minutes away from each other—which doesn’t make any sense. So I’ve started asking why the series splits these two races, instead of simply scoring a masters category separately. The responses I’ve gotten haven’t been particularly well-thought out.


The Week in Bike #35 – 12 September 2014

12 Sep

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Because John Watson Wants an Apology

11 Sep

Update 16 Sept 2014 – Watson has written up his thoughts on Cross Vegas, in which he wishes he had “handled the situation a lot differently”.

We’ve all done dumb shit before, John—especially me. Especially on the Internet, and especially while having a good party going. It’s not a character flaw. It happens, and when it happens to me, I make amends. That’s why I’m writing this—because you seem to think I’ve done something wrong and I’m addressing that. I’m just…not sure what wrong I did.

First, let’s establish the backstory. I don’t believe any of these are in dispute.

How The Race Was Won – Vuelta a España 2014 – Stages 10-16

9 Sep

The Heart of the GC racing action, with a few absurd surprises, battles for the minor placings, far too many motos, but no one able to upset Valverde…yet.


The Week in Bike #34 – 5 September 2014

5 Sep

Wait for it…, GP Ouest-France Plouay, Poitou Charrents, Holland Ladies Tour, Oakleys, Baby-Dump, Gran Fondo New England, elbows, Tour of Alberta, Dumoulin, aerodynamics, Hour Record.