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How The Race Was Won – Women’s World Road Championships 2014

2 Oct

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Installment two of the ongoing collaboration with CyclingTips. A lot of pixels scattered on the lackluster nature of this year’s event and while it could have been more exciting, the at times pedestrian tempo didn’t mean the race was uninteresting—especially not with a late catch and wonderfully chaotic final kick.

How The Race Was Won – Men’s World Road Championships 2014

1 Oct

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So in case you missed it yesterday, I’ve begun working with CyclingTips on keeping How The Race Was Won and The Week in Bike going this year. This is rad because I get paid, but also because I get to work with an organization that’s been doing really cool stuff over the past year or two, from netting interviews with sport scientists about the gritty details of a bio passport case to pulling back the curtain on how exactly the Tour de France ends up on your TV screen (or pirate feed, as the case may be). Did I mention they’re also hiring a women’s editor?

Anyway, enjoy the video—happy to be able to say there are many more on the way.