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The Week in Bike #58 – Het Nieuwsblad Eve

27 Feb

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The Week in Bike #57 – Internal Monologue

20 Feb

Let me go back, Grand Tour of Petro-Dollar Excess, Tour of Yemen p/b AQAP, Qatar, Oman, Pozzato, DIA, Armstrong, English major, lawyers, inflight wi-fi, Murcia, Almeria, Algarve, Women’s Tour of New Zealand, looking forward, crash roll, conclusions, EWR, Penn Station, Brooklyn, cyclocross essentials.

The Week in Bike #56 – The Apology Show

13 Feb

A few corrections, singing, Bobridge, Dennis, and the Hour, Dubai, Qatar, wins, season starts, regime change, Bpost, Van Loy, van der Poel, women’s classics, legal, technical, ethical, Horner, shirts, UCI, sorry.

The Week in Bike #55 – Supply and Demand

6 Feb

Dubai, Dubai, Dubai, …profit, a lot of races right now, Etoile de Besseges lanes, Farm to Fork Fondo, women, crosswinds, part-time cyclocross, <DIV> tags.

How The Race Was Won – Women’s Cyclocross World Championships 2015

4 Feb

The women’s event really delivered this year—crummy weather, an unpredictable course, and most importantly, the brilliant heads-up duel that the men’s race just couldn’t quite make happen. Obviously, anytime I feel compelled to generate an on-screen counter, it’s a good sign that things are going right.

How The Race Was Won – Men’s Cyclocross World Championships 2015

2 Feb

Despite the fact that it became road season last week (kinda), the cyclocross world still had yet to throw its final farewell bash. While still an interesting enough event, this year’s edition will almost certainly be better remembered for the clash of rivals it wasn’t.