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How The Race Was Won – Gent-Wevelgem 2015

30 Mar

Another one of those (lol) Sprinters’ Classics. Nice to have the crosswinds kick the living daylights out of it this time around, resulting in a very different, strangely tactical conclusion.

The Week in Bike #62 – Plus Ça Change

27 Mar

E3, Cancellara, The Recon Ride, minor league, analysis, highlights, Wiggle-Honda, Fedrigo by not a nose, Catalunya GC mayhem, next HTRWW, morphophobia, electronic shifting, motors…or an actual problem

The Recon Ride Podcast: E3 Harelbeke / Gent-Wevelgem 2015

26 Mar


Episode 6: E3 Harelbeke / Gent-Wevelgem
A double-feature on the start of what Ted King once called The Fourth Grand Tour. Dane Cash (@velohuman / and I discuss the first two big classics of the season, I make a rare outsider pick while discussing the top favorites, and we have quick chat on AG2R’s recent classics upgrades with Hugo Houle.

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Photo by shirokazan.

How The Race Was Won – Milan-Sanremo 2015

23 Mar

Sure, it ended in a sprint—but a sprinters’ classic? Hardly. Attacks, crashes, teamwork and especially the ever-present battle for position all played a huge role long before riders reached the final K.

The Recon Ride Podcast: Volta a Catalunya 2015

21 Mar


Episode 5: Volta a Catalunya 2015 Pre-race Show
Unlike the previous episode, Catalunya is a race I’ve never taken too deep a look at before. But at the insistence of Dane Cash (@velohuman / I fumble through the stages and start list, and try to prognosticate on things that might happen and people who might win.

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Photo by Arnaucc.

The Week in Bike #61 – Public Relations

20 Mar

Last week, puppy, Paris-Nice, that other race, How The Race Was Worn, Nokere Koerse, GP Nobili, Sanremo, women, Ronde van Drenthe, UCI recap, Wild, Novilon Eurocup, WorldTour, TUEs, CIRC, process, Cookson, some charity rider, Mertens, puppy.

The Recon Ride Podcast: Milan-Sanremo 2015

19 Mar


Episode 4: Milan-Sanremo 2015 Pre-race Show
Obviously, I’m excited to be moving on to the classics—especially the event that inspired the inaugural HTRWW. Dane Cash (@velohuman / and I discuss La Primavera, likely favorites, “sprinters’ classics”, and the hidden battles that make Sanremo great.

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Photo by Martin Mystère.

How The Race Was Won – Paris-Nice 2015

16 Mar

Not my favorite race of the year, but a few interesting GC days more than made up for the lack of crosswinds in the early going. A predictable winner, though he took a strange route to get there.

(In Germany or otherwise having trouble watching on YouTube? It’s on Vimeo, too)

The Week in Bike #60 – Monotone

13 Mar

How The Race Was Won – Strade Bianche 2015

9 Mar

Not a lot of tactical subtlety this time around—once the teams hit the hardest section of gravel, it was (almost) every rider for themselves. Still, a few little points to note here and there, modest attempts at teamwork, some impressive individual performances, and inspiring scenery to boot.

(In Germany or otherwise having trouble watching on YouTube? It’s on Vimeo, too)