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The Recon Ride Podcast: Tour de Pologne 2015

31 Jul

Tour de Pologne 2015

Episode 21: Tour de Pologne
Not unlike San Sebastian, the Tour of Poland falls into a weird spot in the calendar. But as Dane Cash (@velohuman / and I explore, it’s a surprisingly unique event, with a habit of turning up new champions, and maybe more in common with the Belgian races in April than the upcoming Spanish one in August.

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Photo by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland (CC).

How The Race Was Won – Tour de France 2015

30 Jul

So, given that I wasn’t going to be able to get this done anywhere near the actual end of the Tour de France, I took a shot a mostly comprehensive take on the GC race into a single episode. Lots of links to other videos (things are interrelated—who knew?) so hopefully YouTube won’t take it down. And don’t forget to fill out the survey! Music:

The Recon Ride Podcast: Clasica San Sebastian 2015

30 Jul

Tour de France 2015

Episode 20: Clasica San Sebastian 2015
The name insists this race is a classic, but it feels little young, and a little undervalued to warrant that admittedly meaningless distinction. Dane Cash (@velohuman / and I talk about the race, along with its history, contenders and parcours, and then bug Trek Factory Racing’s Bauke Mollema and ShoddyCycling’s Dave Everett to fill us in a little more.

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Photo by Greta Hughson (CC).

The Recon Ride Podcast: Tour de France 2015, Part III

21 Jul

Tour de France 2015

Episode 19: Tour de France 2015, Part III
With five stages remaining, the 2015 Tour GC race seems depressingly settled, but lesser placements, the KOM competition, and several glorious mountain-top finishes remain. Dane Cash (@velohuman / and I bug CyclingTips’ Shane Stokes from his French accommodations to tell us more about the situation on the ground, and make some predictions/reflections on this year’s event.

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Photo by Frans de Wit (CC).

The Recon Ride Podcast: Tour de France 2015, Part II

12 Jul

Tour de France 2015

Episode 18: Tour de France 2015, Part II
So nine stages in and we somehow still have a highly-competitive race. Dane Cash (@velohuman / and I recap the previous week, talk a bit with Bicycling’s Whit Yost (@whityost), who’s recently returned from the Tour itself, and make some predictions on what will happen as the peloton finally enters the mountains.

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Photo by Victor van Werkhooven (CC).

The Recon Ride Podcast: Tour de France 2015, Part I

1 Jul

Tour de France 2015

Episode 17: Tour de France 2015, Part I
Dane Cash (@velohuman / and I dissect the storylines and first week of the sport’s biggest event. [SPOILER ALERT] I expect the first nine days to be relatively nervous.

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Photo by Greenwich Photography (CC).