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The Recon Ride Podcast – Clasica San Sebastian 2016

28 Jul

Episode 50: Clasica San Sebastian 2016 I’m off the grid this weekend, but Dane and I still recorded a podcast. I’m expecting it to be live on his site by now, but since this is an auto-scheduled post, YMMV. San Sebastián is a cool race regardless, and one that deserves quite a bit more attention. […]

How The Race Was Won – 2016 Tour de France, Stages 17-21

26 Jul

And with this final TdF video for Week 3, the 2016 Tour is a wrap. Be sure to check out the episodes 1, 2, 3 and the preview video as well. As always, huge thanks to Scott and CyclingTips for making it happen. Shirt by me.

The Recon Ride – Tour de France 2016, Part 3

19 Jul

Episode 49: Tour de France, Part 3 Ok, so Team Sky and Chris Froome are definitely in charge of this year’s Tour de France. But a truly inhumane third week means the 2016 race is far from over. Dane Cash of of VeloHuman may have other opinions, and—after a thorough listen to our discussion—I’m sure […]

How The Week Was Won – 2016 Tour de France, Stages 10-16

19 Jul

Never have I felt more like Walter Sobchak. The Tour de France video for Week 3 (also check out the first week, second week and preview) was a lot of work. So much to unpack and re-assemble, especially a shambolic Stage 12 and a teeny-tiny bit of controversy over a sprint or two. As always, […]

How The Week Was Won – 2016 Tour de France, Stages 6-9

11 Jul

Is it Stages 6 through 9, or 5 through 9, or ♫ workin’ 9-to-5, just tryin’ to make a livin’… ♫ Week 2’s Tour de France video (also check out the first week and preview) covers the fairly traditional ground of the GC even but notes that a lot of work is being done for […]

The Recon Ride: Tour de France 2016, Part 2

11 Jul

Episode 48: Tour de France, Part 2 The Tour’s first week provided…actually, not all that much. Some chaotic sprints, to be sure, but on the GC front things remain barely separated even after nine stages. Dane Cash of of VeloHuman and I take in the relative inaction, make predictions for the upcoming week, and even […]

How The Week Was Won – 2016 Tour de France, Stages 1-5

7 Jul

The first of our our new “How The Week Was Won” videos shows that despite some opportunity for mass disruption, the 2016 Tour has gotten off to a slow start—at least from the prospective of the overall classification. The result has been more than a few bonkers sprints, where experience and solid teamwork have mostly […]