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On The Passing of Cycling.TV

11 Oct

Will Farrell sings at a fanciful funeral for

♫…all we are is dust in the wind…♫

Last week, numerous cycling outlets reported that Cycling.TV, long-time online broadcaster of Euro cycling events, would be shutting down forever in a little less than a month. The company’s message to subscribers ran thusly:

Cycling.TV regrets to inform you that as of November 3, 2017 we will cease operations. As set forth in Clause 4 of Cycling.TV’s Terms and Conditions of Purchase, you will receive “a refund of the amount you pre-paid for the Services less an amount proportionate to the number of days for which you have had access to the Services”.

It was, as valedictions go, brilliantly and painfully appropriate—terse, yet convoluted, devoid of detail, accompanied by radio silence from the company, and utterly out of sync with anything on either the company’s website or Twitter feed, even now, a full week after the announcement. At time of publication, its app remains ready for download.

Just based on the rest of the brand’s communications, the mere existence of a closure announcement is notable, and the fact that it arrived weeks before the eventual termination feels like a minor miracle.

And yet, it remains nothing short of amazing that Cycling.TV made it this far. (more…)

The Recon Ride Podcast – Il Lombardia 2017

6 Oct

Episode 81: Il Lombardia 2017

In what is probably our last race preview episode of the season, Dane and I talk about the final monument of the year, and chat with Lotto-Soudal’s Tim Wellens who’s lit this race up (and many others) on more than one occasion.

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