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On The Passing of Cycling.TV

11 Oct

Last week, numerous cycling outlets reported that Cycling.TV, long-time online broadcaster of Euro cycling events, would be shutting down forever in a little less than a month. The company’s message to subscribers ran thusly: Cycling.TV regrets to inform you that as of November 3, 2017 we will cease operations. As set forth in Clause 4 […]

A Twitter Thread on Eurosport, NBCSN, and Cycling TV Coverage

27 Sep

This calls for a [THREAD] /1 — (@Cyclocosm) September 27, 2017 Eurosport is the best cycling broadcaster in any language I speak, in part because they’ve been doing it forever: /2 — (@Cyclocosm) September 27, 2017 While it may *feel* like NBCSN’s been around forever, it’s only existed since 2012. And […]

Deconstructing Self-Destruction

1 Feb

I got into a little Twitter dust-up this weekend with VeloNews’ John Bradley. It wasn’t on purpose—yes, I did tweet a rebuke at him, but it was based largely on my misinterpreting something he’d written. @johnwbradley @velonews shop your feelings away. Strong take. — (@Cyclocosm) January 31, 2016 @johnwbradley @velonews my apologies. My interpretation […]

The Week in Bike #64 – Exit Interview

10 Apr

Since so many of you asked, it’s an Icebreaker Quantum LS Zip Hoodie. It’s wool, and comfortable for strenuous exercise or just wearing. And it doesn’t smell. I was very upset to fray a few threads in the right shoulder the day after I got it, but otherwise, it’s held up quite well. And no, […]

On Coverage and Contractors

24 May

Script (not verbatim, contains typos, and sometimes I go off-book) Yes, it’s another delayed Cyclocosm Rantcast—but I’m not sorry, because last weekend I was temporarily relocated to the redwoods and hoppy, delicious ales of Sonoma County to ride bikes with fun and interesting people, and watch a little event you might have heard of called […]

Why Americans Can't Watch Cycling "On TV"

22 Mar

Script (not verbatim, contains typos, and sometimes I go off-book) A couple of weeks ago, Neal Rogers remarked he found it frustrating that despite the advanced technological achievements of these here United States, he still can’t watch bike racing “on TV”. As you might guess by the tonality that offset it, I have a quarrel to […]

Feeding the Trollstrong Foundation

9 Jan

The jokes, dear reader, have already been made. I’m sure you think you’ve got some clever new gibe to add, some original snark to spin-off that will raise the bar that little bit higher—and in some cases, I might even believe you. But in humor, as in all things, there is a point of diminishing […]

"No Comment" is the New Doping

30 Aug

There’s an easy way to make a million people agree with you—present an argument that’s both simple and entirely compatible with their existing values. An example: A man is suspected of burglary. He has left fingerprints near, but not at, a number of crime scenes, 11 friends are willing to testify against him, but the […]

The New Reality

24 Jul

For better or worse, the racing in this year’s Tour de France did not offer a great deal of excitement. There were some interesting sprints, the positive (mad watts) and negative (position, timing) confirmations of Peter Sagan’s abilities, the emergence of Tejay VanGarderen as a guy who can hold a GC place for three weeks, […]

The Amgen Tour of Confused Californian Branding

13 May

The Tour of California has an image problem. Mercifully, it’s nothing to with jersey zips—it’s more that the race’s marketing material is absolutely incomprehensible. Let’s overlook the fact that “Eight Days of Epic” uses the most cored marketing term in recent memory (it’s been a joke on Archer for crying out loud)—the Tour of California […]