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The UCI is UC-Less

1 Dec

UPDATE 10 Feb 2015: the UCI—or more likely, their low-bid legal agents—have taken down the “UCI-Less” bumper sticker from Zazzle. Strangely, they seem not have have found the t-shirt. Can’t complain about that. Ah, the UCI. Perhaps no governing body is held dear in the hearts of those it lords over, but is any so […]

The Pistolero Steakhouse T-Shirt

12 Nov

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of Norwegians telling me what to think. Take Thor Hushovd getting his knickers in a twist because of the local support Alberto Contador has received since his positive dope test. Just because most of his fans are too busy being employed to flood into the streets is […]

The (Go) "Jens!" Shirt

16 Apr

UPDATE: Also available: Jens! coffee mug and Jens! beer stein. I was looking at the Amstel Gold start list this morning and noticed that dossard #178 would be worn be a certain indefatigable German on the SaxoBank roster. It reminded me of a few reader requests that came in shortly after I added the “Stop […]

The New "Stop Lance" Shirt

15 Mar

So this (also available in white/red and black/yellow) is probably going to take some explanation. The best place to start would be with a history lesson: in 1972, Steve Prefontaine had energized American audiences with his sensational distance running, leading to a proliferation of fan shirts that simply read “Go Pre”. A few contrarians decided […]

A Periodic Table of Professional Cycling

25 Jan

With the UCI ProTour now extending from January through October, it’s getting a little hard to keep track of the where and when surrounding various professional events. Well, struggle no more: proudly presents our Periodic Table of Professional Cycling—and thanks to Operation Monetize, you can buy it (and any of our other graphics) as […]