*NEWS FLASH* – Palmiero Positive

Aug 3 2005

Baltimore Orioles first baseman Raphael Palmiero has tested positive for steroids. The report, which broke this morning, makes him the biggest name ever to be caught doping in the Major Leagues. Palmiero has been sacked immediately by his club and now faces a two-year suspension, and an additional 2 year ban from MLB after that.

Oh, wait. Palmiero plays professional baseball. So he gets a 10-day vacation and maybe won’t make it into the Hall of Fame now.

Must be rough.

Anyone want to trade my bike for a bat and a bottle of steriods?

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One Response to “*NEWS FLASH* – Palmiero Positive”

  1. Freddy 6 August 2005 at 11:11 pm #

    When my parents lived in Sydney, Australia, I would visit them from time to time. It seems almost everyone there plays on some kind of club football team – stadiums that are packed with fans and players all the time all are over the place and guys wearing their dirty club kit can be seen all over the city. It’s great.

    In May 2004 there was a scandal which involved a group of players venturing out of their hotel after curfew, borrowed a team van, and one player used a teammates’ cellphone to make an obscene phone call. The players who broke curfew were suspended. The guy who made the call was sacked, along with the guy who loaned him the phone because – get this – he lied about being remotely involved in the incident. All of this took about 4 days to deliberate and decide.

    It was amazing to actually see these guys being held to some kind of professional standard. All of which makes the way players are treated in the States seem even more ridiculous.

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