Props To Cadel Evans

Oct 29 2009

I realize, looking back through my blog, that Cadel Evans, for a variety of reasons, ends up portrayed in a not-entirely-awesome light. And that’s a little unfair.


Many of Cadel’s more readily-caricatured traits—crankiness, occasionally short temper, especially with those organizing/supporting races—are shortcomings a ton of other racers (not to mention cycling bloggers) share.

Cadel finds himself in the crosshairs so much more than everyone else because he’s good, and he’s pretty open about what he shares with the Internet. I think he deserves more credit for having a sense of humor about the negative attention his outbursts occasionally receive:


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3 Responses to “Props To Cadel Evans”

  1. rainbow 29 October 2009 at 4:16 pm #

    I can remember absolutely frothing at the mouth when Cadel made the more up to real cycling much to my cycling mates passive responses of “who” and “wot”. I think I over rated him at the time and expected too much to soon, but one of my mates commented to me the day that “you know, Cadel is one of the greats now, all he needs is a Classic to top it off” and this was from a died in the blood Lance fan, (gee and I thought he had no critical judgement capabilities what so ever).
    I must admit I was more than a bit disappointed with his public personality meltdowns and demeanour and went off the boil on him, but if I was in a similar public spotlight I would be found more than wanting and have no friend’s, groupies or employers what so ever, fortunately I just limit my irritating diatribes and opinionated piss takes to antagonising Cosmo and his readers. Cadel does a good job of it all and all, more human and more is capable than the rest of us wheel turners. And for an Ausi, well that’s more than you can expect under the circumstances.

  2. Dan 2 November 2009 at 11:33 am #

    well, interesting move to BMC, will see if he can ride with a team now. And, now that he has a real domestique and team with GC focus, will see if he is indeed destined to be the eternal second, or if he is bonified.

    • Carn Soaks 25 September 2013 at 8:48 am #

      How good was it in 2011, for Cadel to finally get that cherry popped. But Suckula, the luck vampire, that has ruined 4 attempts for him. Crashed 07, no team, Crashed 08, no team, Crashed 09, sick, team leader issues, Crashed 010 (broken arm) great team. 011, finally, no Spaniards to force him off the road, Great Team, WINS!

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