The Week In Bike #8 – 21 February 2014

Feb 21 2014

Cranky, Sanremo, Italy, Ferrari, Ciolek, Oman, Greipel, Germany, Ullrich, Rapha, Valverde, Algarve, Women’s Tour of California, Stetina, Dossards

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One Response to “The Week In Bike #8 – 21 February 2014”

  1. Retrogrouch 24 February 2014 at 3:19 pm #

    I think I’m a reasonably sophisticated consumer of cycling races, and I have to say I agree with Stetina about the numbers. Surely at a top level event, the racers could be using RFID chips. This would allow for each team to have the numbers printed on the jerseys for the season. I think this would make it easier for me as a fan to follow who is who. Frankly, the jersey number placement could be maximized for visibility. Surely between the kit and the number, any photo finishes could be worked out easily.

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