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Bikes vs. The World: Round #6 – Dave Zabriskie vs. Zabriskie Point

24 Jan

It’s baaack! And you thought I had gotten sick of it. Today’s match-up: Utah’s own Dave Zabriskie vs. the 1970 counter-culture classic Zabriskie Point. Click here for a listing of the previous battles. Category Bike Culture: Dave Zabriskie Pop Culture: Zabriskie Point (1970) Winner Claim to Fame: Bicycle racer, ’04 US TT Champ, Fastest TT […]

Bikes vs. The World: Round #5 – Jan Ullrich vs. Lars Ulrich

6 Dec

Now we’re talking. The drummer of one of the all-time great metal bands versus the eternal challenger for the TdF title. Both German-born, both constantly disappointing me, both with the same last name. Oh, yeah, this is a gonna be a good one, folks. Far better than these other whimpy fights. Category Bike Culture: Jan […]

Bikes vs. The World: Round #4 – Steel 531 vs. Steel Reserve 211

28 Nov

I really don’t know how these two combatants got tangled up. I mean, can you think of two things less related than a well-regarded vintage bike tubing and a smooth finishing, oddly glowing malt beverage? I guess it might be a make-up call for last week’s pathetically obvious battle. Rounds 1 and 2 can be […]

Bikes vs. The World: Round #3 – Lance Armstrong vs. Neil Armstrong

21 Nov

Yeah, I know, this one is obvious. If you gave a 7-year-old kid a cycling blog, this is probably the sort of crap he’d come up with. But come on, I can’t keep filling this page with arcane nonsense or no one will want to read it. Category Bike Culture: Lance Armstrong Pop Culture: Neil […]

Bikes vs. The World: Round #2 – Gary Fisher vs. Bobby Fischer

14 Nov

Ok, so perhaps last week’s contest between Campagnolo and Camp Anawana was a little esoteric. No big deal. Today’s battle between Gary Fisher and Bobby Fischer (yes, that link is his official page) should prove far more of a crowd pleaser. Category Bike Culture: Gary Fisher Pop Culture: Bobby Fischer Winner Claim to Fame: Mountain […]

Bikes vs. The World: Round #1 – Campagnolo vs. Camp Anawana

6 Nov

In what we at Cyclocosm hope to make a regular weekend feature (at least during the off-season), out expert team of analysts will take two similarly-named elements Cycling Culture and Popular Culture and send them into a head-to-head deathmatch from which only one will survive. This week’s combatants are: Campagnolo and Camp Anawana. Let the […]