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Pro Cycling News – Worst Readers' Poll Ever, Assorted News

31 Dec

What the…? Where am I? Oh yeah, I run a cycling blog, that’s right. I’m supposed to update it every day…yeah, it’s coming back to me now. Well, before I get too hammered, I better get on an update, right? Let’s start with how friggin’ idiotic Cyclingnews’ readers are. Why even have this category? Last […]

The Worst of Cycling 2005

27 Dec

OK, so you got Christmas, the first night of Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa off. Break’s over kiddies, and school’s back in session. First item of business is a late Festivus, beginning with the traditional Airing of Grievances, otherwise known as the Worst of Cycling. Unit of measure for worstness is one Pavel, defined as the amount […]

Pro Cycling News – Zabel, Chavanel, Zabriskie

24 Dec

Ah, Erik Zabel. Despite being among the oldest and most accomplished riders in the peloton, the guy is still a breath of fresh air. This report (scroll to “Zabel”) shows the 35-year-old’s more sensitive side, revealing that he rode his own personal Tour de France after being left of T-Mobile’s squad (fat lot of good […]

Pro Cycling News – Ullrich's Weight, VeloNews Slacks Off

23 Dec

According to the T-Mobile webpage, the “christmas goose is getting fat”. The Magenta Train is also reporting that Big Jan has already slimmed down to his ideal race weight (76kg). But have a look-see at this pic from T-Mobile’s recent South African training camp. Ullrich, the curly-haired chap on the left, does seem a bit […]

Pro Cycling News – Riding in the Snow, Essays, Estrogen

22 Dec

Don’t listen to Chris Horner. Yeah, sure, he’s a successful cyclist and gets all these interviews, but the man does not like riding in the snow, and it’s well known that riding in the snow makes you a better person. In fact, it seems he doesn’t like anything that isn’t dry pavement. See what I […]

Pro Cycling News – The Holiday Spirit, Landaluze Positive?

21 Dec

Hey, did you guys know it was the holiday season? No sh!t, man, I’m serious. It almost slipped by me this year because, being as into cycling as we all are, we never get bombarded with all those Christmas, Kwanza and holiday ads (I’ve yet to see a Hannukkah ad, strangely enough, though I may […]

Pro Cycling News – Astarloa to Barloworld, Boonen Better, CSC Camp

20 Dec

Ho ho ho! I’ve got a lovely bag of Euro news for you this glorious winter morn. Leading off will be the latest and hopefully final episode in the Igor Astarloa saga (for this season, at least). After fairly reasonable rumors of a move to Lampre (one of his former teams), then talk of him […]

Pro Cycling News – A Very Short Post

19 Dec

Geez, did I miss another day? Could that be because there is almost nothing to report? Not like much has changed today, but Belgian ‘cross star Bart Wellens did somehow manage to kick an abusive fan while riding away to victory (and, see for yourself, it was some Matrix-style sh!t). Cyclingnews reports here that the […]

Pro Cycling News – Silent Protest, Manolo and Lance skipping of '06 Tour?

17 Dec

You may have noticed I did not post yesterday. This was to protest the alleged “news” proferred to you readers by the mainstream cycling media. “Millar confirms with Saunier-Duval.” Pffft. That’s months old. Sure, I guess it wasn’t official yet, but with the amount of press given it, including an interview with Millar himself in […]

No Radio – Rant

15 Dec

It’s not that I’m an unsentimental guy. I love wool jerseys, lugged steel, and wild, untamed sideburns flowing down from scraggly, unhelmeted mats of hair. These things are all great images of what was a golden age for cycling, between the true professionalization of the sport in the late 60’s, and doping specter of the […]