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The '06 Giro – Not Exactly One for the Ages

31 May

So the ’06 Giro is finally over. And thank fµ¢&ing God. Sure, the seven years of bad Tour luck in the form of Lance Armstrong (brought on, I’m told, by Pantani breaking his Coke mirror) delivered more than their fair share of dull Grand Tours. But now, with the Texan retired, to have the light […]

The Race to Disgrace Part II: Tailwind Strikes Back

26 May

This isn’t a post so much as an update to some previous criticisms I made about Discovery Channel’s harebrained Race to Replace contest. Much has happened since I first posted on the topic in April, including Joe Lindsey and TDFBlog expanding on (“ripping off”) my original sentiments, but today, word finally arrived in my inbox […]

Nobody Rages Anymore

25 May

Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light. When this year’s Giro course was announced, I was pretty freakin’ psyched. I mean, an opening week on the on the cobbles and bergs of Belgium, some seriously rugged mountain-top finishes, and, mirable visu, a final day split-stage that […]

Dumb it Down to Spice it Up

22 May

Y’know what? This Giro would be a damned interesting race if it weren’t for a certain CSC rider all Lance-ing up the GC race. I mean, think about it – you’d have Jose Gutierrez about two minutes up on Savoldelli, who would in turn be 2-3 minutes up on like 5 different guys. Gutierrez has […]

In a Chat Room Somewhere in Tuscany…

18 May

ILuvBratwurst: (this works best with an Arnold voice) Ha! I destroyed those puny little weaklings and won the stage. That will teach people to call me fat. BassoNova77: Uh, yeah, Jan. Nice work. Keep it up. ILuvBratwurst: I know, I know. I am incredible…wait a minute, are you being sarcastic? BassoNova77: Maaaaaaybe ILuvBratwurst: Are you […]

Another Giro Rest Day

17 May

Many important things transpired over the past few days of racing, and I would have gone on witty little tangents about all of them. But, because I cannot open tabs in Internet Explorer, and because have I fried another logic board on my iBook just days after exhausting the warranty period, blogging has been all […]

A Lazy, Lazy Rest Day

11 May

Giro rest day? Already? Man, the world’s gone lazy. Not the riders, mind you – the journalists. Look at this: scattered clumps of reports, stories on yesterday’s “Oprah” – come on, guys, this is why some people hate blogs. Not that the “real” press has gone after it any harder; a trip to a bike […]

First Giro Update! And It's Only Stage 4!

10 May

Ok! I’m settled in, I have a bed, at least one of my computers works, I found a passable burrito stand within walking distance of my office, and I’m pretty sure I can blog during lunch without getting fired. Unfortunately that means I’ll have to browse with IE, which is something (at least the way […]

Why the Milk's Not Getting Through

4 May

I think we all should have smelled it last May, when Petacchi and his supporting cast offered themselves out as a a three million Euro package deal (search “Meanwhile”) just three days before committing a blunder on par with what I used to dodge in Collegiate C fields. Certainly, the harebrained dual-sprinter schemes (second paragraph) […]