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Top 10 Ways I'd Like to See Dick Pound Die

19 Dec

I know, I know – it’s not nice to wish death upon people. But I’m not doing that. Everyone, Dick Pound included, is going to die someday. I’m simply compiling a list of the Top Ten ways in which I’d like to see him pass on. It was extremely hard to limit this to ten […]

Danes Ban Suspects, The LA Times Pounds Pound

12 Dec

Just when you thought the Idiot Train had discharged all passengers – TOOT! TOOT! – guess who steps onto the platform? Why, it’s Jesper Worre, organizer of largely irrelevant Tour of Denmark, who has declared that Ivan Basso is not welcome at his race. Worre justified his decision with this cryptic remark: “The fact alone […]

The Winds of Change

7 Dec

I feel this strange drop in temperature all of a sudden. Some might say “oh, Cosmo, you haven’t posted in so long; you must not realize that it’s December.” These people are clearly idiots and have never heard of global warming. The refreshing chill that I’m talking about is due not to cooler prevailing winds […]

Politics and Polymorphisms

1 Dec

I was going to post this essay here, but I’d rather have someone read it. Besides, none of it is really “news” per se.