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The Doping (Ger)Mania at Worlds

27 Sep

Good lord. I thought Germans were known for careful planning, level-headedness, and efficiency, not the 11th hour, spur of the moment $&!tshow we’re currently being treated to. Here’s (I think) what’s certain so far – DiLuca is out, bowing to pressure from the locals and a recommendation for a four-month (what? Someone hand me a […]

No More Pro Dopers, Worlds TT, Silly Bike Ideas

26 Sep

What is up with doping stories these days? I mean, the Dopers Suck guy getting called out for a missed test? Come on, people. I guess the pros are just so clean now that the little guys are the only viable targets left. Alejandro Valverde? Officially clean. Or at least allowed to race at worlds. […]

The Headlines are Only Boring if You Read Them Somewhere Else

25 Sep

You might think that going missing like I did the past few days would leave me out in the cold on a few news stories. But you’d be wrong. Menchov wins Vuelta? Yeah, didn’t see that coming three weeks ago. Oh, and the Landis verdict? I mean, USADA has never lost a case – Tom […]

Bennati Wins, Valverde Waits, McEwen and Moreau Go Home

19 Sep

Sorry for the impromptu haitus, but I’ve been working on nailing down a better “real” job. That means lots of web searching, resume and cover letter writing, driving, interviewing, and general sweet talking. It’s time-consuming, repetitive, low reward-to-effort ratio work – not unlike competitive cycling, one might say. But man, is it ever sweet when […]

Rain in Spain, Decent Weather at the Other Two-Bajillion Concurrently Running Top-Level Bicycle Racing Events

14 Sep

The pre-Worlds exodus has begun, and, it would appear, not a day too soon. Continuing its atrocious photo coverage of this year’s Vuelta, Cyclingnews has no photospread of watery carnage; it does, however, have some heinously under-edited picture captions. Where’s that press release, again? The one where CN says the sale to Future will have […]

Diaries and Manly Drama

12 Sep

Diaries, diaries, diaries! With this level of rider contribution and feedback, you’d think the peloton had been overrun with 14-year-old girls. And if the diaries didn’t give you that impression, the headlines certainly might. But don’t try to pin Carlos Sastre down on that sort of preadolescent intruige; a Cyclingnews rest-day feature paints him as […]

A Whiny Rest Day, Stupid Tech, Britain, Poland and…Missouri?

11 Sep

Note to Carlos Sastre – you know that finishing salute you do? Consider trying it on the days you don’t win. I have it from good sources that you always carry the pacifiers with you, so next time the urge strikes to complain about “secret pacts”, just pop one in, ok? You’ve been a professional […]

Poland Rained Out, Tour of Britan, Vuelta

10 Sep

God, sometimes this blog thing is too easy: didja hear the one about the Polish bike race? No, seriously, they held a bike race in Poland, but then it rained really, really hard. So they let everyone go off and risk breaking their necks, and then neutralized the results. Safety first! And in a way, […]

Menchov Retakes Gold, Valverde Still in Limbo

9 Sep

Was I right on the money last week or what? I told you Oscar Pereiro was a poor bet for the overall – and now, he’s out of the race. Not only that, but I said Pereiro’s teammate Efimkin was a more-or-less legitimate contender – and now he’s in second, with the blessing of his […]

Zabel Wins, Freire Still Hot, More Stupid Dope News

7 Sep

Anyone else out there noticing how this year’s Vuelta photography looks like ass? Even though it would explain Allen Davis’s finish line confusion, I can’t imagine the heat coming off the Spanish tarmac was throwing up that much distortion. You know what I think it is? Radiation from Oscar Freire. After his third win in […]