No More Pro Dopers, Worlds TT, Silly Bike Ideas

Sep 26 2007

What is up with doping stories these days? I mean, the Dopers Suck guy getting called out for a missed test? Come on, people. I guess the pros are just so clean now that the little guys are the only viable targets left. Alejandro Valverde? Officially clean. Or at least allowed to race at worlds. Same with Allen Davis; yesterday, it was unlikely he’d start. Now? Good to go.

Even when someone does kick dirt on the pros, it’s laughably apocryphal. A German news agency accusing Paolo Bettini of doping? Days before he defends his world title? When last year’s runner up was a German? And Worlds is being held in a German city? Riiiiiiight. If that doesn’t stink to high heaven, you’ve got a bright future in the septic tank repair industry. Besides, Bettini’s gotta be clean, right? He finally signed the DNA agreement instead of quitting.

Not gonna blab much about the two cyclocrossers taking titles in the TT. Everyone else is talking about that, and anyway, I think it’s more significant that the US put 3 women in the Top 5. At any rate, tomorrow’s ride in the cold rain should make for more interesting blog fodder. Not nearly as rich as the announcement of a transcontinental Tour de Stupid (410k stages?), or Yeti’s apparent pandering for a Trek buyout (integrated BB bearing cups? On a mountain bike? Really?), but still fun to write about.

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2 Responses to “No More Pro Dopers, Worlds TT, Silly Bike Ideas”

  1. Keith 26 September 2007 at 4:54 pm #

    Why doesn’t Valv want his blood back?

    I am mixed on how I feel about Valverde refusing to allow his DNA/blood to be tested against the DNA/blood bag from OP:

    On the one hand…
    Riders who are innocent and have nothing to hide, should offer their DNA/blood to be tested (like Allen Davis). But, rider who are guilty, seem do everything they can to avoid that truth from coming out(like Ivan Basso).

    On the other hand…
    We can see how the testing was done in the Landis Affair (I encourage everyone to read the verdit and dissent). With WADA/LNDD/UCI’s history of trampling the riders rights, breaking their own rules, and flat out ignoring known science…I don’t blame riders for refusing to allow WADA/LNDD/UCI to manipulate their finding to meet the results they are looking for.

    I haven’t read the entire OP report…but it appears there is enough evidence to at least open an investigation. It seems the Spanish are content to hide the “Smoking Gun” to protect the “Green Bullet”.

    Over time we will see if Valverde can match the potential and the results we saw him produce pre-OP.

  2. Jeremy 27 September 2007 at 11:45 am #

    i am a cyclist and i really love it there is way to much talk about doping and all that stuff. i think that everyone just needs to move on. the next generation will come along and everything will hopefully be normal. the thought of ever doiong it has never come to my head and hopefully nobody elses.

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