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The Four Impossibilities of Radio-Free Racing

30 Jun

It’s not like I haven’t covered this before, but I feel I ought to touch again on the radio issue. With two stages of this year’s Tour de France to be run radio-free, there’s a significant groundswell of support for the out-and-out prohibition of radios in professional cycling. I’ve characterized this group—largely for comic effect—as […]

A Different Kind of Retrospective

29 Jun

Velonews has started posting video retrospectives in recognition of the 10th anniversary of Lance Armstrong’s first Tour win. They’ve still got some work to do on page layout, and the voiceover isn’t quite synced, nor up to How The Race Was Won standards, but it’s good to see they’ve taken my advice and begun embedding […]

Astana's Tour Selection is a Ticking Bomb

28 Jun

I like Johan Bruyneel. I think he’s a savvy, solid DS, knows how to play out a good hand as well as anyone, and can handle the occasional a curveball. He even has a book, and apparently, it’s a decent read. But I think, some years down the road, if anyone ever writes book about […]

$300 on eBay: Your $4000 Frame

26 Jun

If there’s a bike company that exemplifies everything I find ludicrous about the industry, it would be Kuota. From their rococo frame designs, paint jobs (or lack thereof), and high price tags, right down to the .it URL (even Campy isn’t that brand-obsessed), you’d be hard pressed to find a bike trying harder to draw […]

When it Rains…

25 Jun

Yeah, so as if WordPress nuking every file on my server wasn’t bad enough, there was a brief mix-up with DNS records that temporarily bumped to a GoDaddy parked URL page. The whole rigamarole would have been fixed much sooner—and possibly avoided entirely—if Verizon, my grundle of an ISP, hadn’t spent hours redirecting me […]

New Ag2r Jersey: Corrected

19 Jun

So Ag2r, perennial also-ran at the Tour de France, has announced a new jersey for this year’s edition of the Grand Bouclé. Unfortunately, there was a mix-up at the printers, but through my European contacts, I’ve managed to get a copy of the actual jersey the team will be using this June: If you’re curious, […]

And June Slogs Slowly Onward

16 Jun

So I’ve told you, many a time, that smaller stage races don’t do it for me. Don’t get me wrong, its awesome to see a dude like Sylvester Szmyd, who turned himself inside out feeding the whims of the schizophrenic helper monkey driving the Liquigas team car last month, take a stage on storied climb […]

Technical Difficulties

16 Jun

On top of a week-long hiatus for some girlfriend- and day job-related travel, I managed to nuke my server while trying to install WordPress 2.8. I would highly recommend backing up and turning off all widgets before attempting an update. Anyway, the images are all missing and likely gone forever. Text, comments, formatting, etc. were […]

Component Review Fail

11 Jun

“…it won’t snap, either.” -Lennard Zinn, on Mavic’s r-sys spokes, May. 8, 2009 I had a definite sensation that Lennard Zinn would end up ruing this tech story on Mavic’s “improved” R-Sys wheel design. I know Zinn’s got a heck of a reach, but at a beefy 190, I still wouldn’t put money against fellow […]

Giro Win Elevates Menchov to Tour Favorite

2 Jun

For all the entertainment and (hopefully drug-free) drama of this year’s Giro, I think the biggest revelation to come out of it was that Denis Menchov now has to be the favorite for this years Tour de France. Sure, Menchov has won Grand Tours before, but the Vuelta is different. I’ve poetically referred to it […]