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Mendrisio Worlds Tag Cloud

29 Sep

The Elite Men’s World Championship Road Race in the words of the people who watched it live: (click image for full size) Source text from Cyclingnews’ live report, the final thread of Podium Cafe’s live discussion, and the first 50 results of a Twitter search for “Mendrisio” on 9/27/09. Cloud generated by Wordle with manual […]

Worlds Wrap-Up And A T-Shirt Winner

29 Sep

“I’m sure I’ve been beaten by cheats before, I know I have, and I’m sure I’ll be beaten by cheats in the future.” –Cadel Evans As true as that quote may be to the the realities of cycling and the workmanlike attitude of its author, it is now—at long last and at least until Cadel […]

The US Team And A Wiggins Drama Timeline

25 Sep

Now we have confrimation that it’s not just me being a wise-ass: Cyclingnews’ Peter Hymas made an extensive investigation into the United States’ lackluster Men’s Elite Road Race performances. While his explanations (long seasons, pressure to be fit for California, opportunities for young/domestic riders) and mine (low intestinal fortitude, Interbike, lack of focus) differ, I […]

Looks Like I Missed A Pretty Impressive Ride

24 Sep

Might give a little insight into why David Millar elected to skip out on the TT World Championships this year, despite taking a TT win the Vuelta just a few days ago. This, combined with the homefield advantage, has got to make Cancellara the favorite for this weekend as well. (blurry pic of salute here) […]

CrossVegas: International Race of Mystery

24 Sep

As many of you know, I’m not at Interbike this week. Thus, I didn’t get to see CrossVegas last night, and am forced to piece the racecourse together from Velonews’ race report. Keep in mind, all these passages are from the same article: “…under the lights at a soccer complex on the outskirts of the […]

JV Ponders Some New Garmin Graphics

23 Sep

Also, is it just me, or do all Jon Vaughters’ shirts look the same? (via Matthew Koschara’s Facebook feed)

A Must-Read Interview With Michael Creed

21 Sep

Domestic riders don’t come much better than Mike Creed. He’s been a pro for ten years, ridden for the biggest teams, scored some of the best wins, and man—does he ever know how to deliver an interview. At Podium Insight this past Friday he unleashed an epic, covering topics as broad-ranging as the ever-unfolding disaster […]

Help Restore America's Greatness And Win A T-Shirt!

17 Sep

Help restore America’s greatness: pick the place of the best American finisher at Worlds and win a t-shirt. And yes, DNF is an option. Before Jock Boyer was (allegedly) the first American to compete in the Tour de France, he was 5th at a little race called the World Championships. He also featured prominently in […]

Is Velocity Nation The Future Of News?

16 Sep

In terms of covering hard news in the cycling world, “real” media outlets are the undisputed kings. They have reporters on the ground at major races, are fluent in all sorts of languages, have an armada of contacts, receive invites to events, and get bucketloads of free crap in the mail from manufacturers. Don’t get […]

Cheesiest Bike Video Ever

15 Sep

It hasn’t been the greatest evening/morning for me. Last night, I spent about 4 hours standing upright on very slow, very crowded trains, got home late, found that @UniversalSports is unfamiliar with the concept of fair use, and on top of all that, had to get up early and find a new spot for Third […]