How The Race Was Won x BTB TV – Boulder Cup

Oct 17 2013

Kinda wanted to make fun of Boulder a little more, but they’ve had a tough couple weeks. Choose instead to highlight the massive contingent of riders for whom this was the hometown race. Can we call it “Rocky Mountain Worlds” yet?

Anyway, cool to see the purpose-built course, but hoping for a little more snow/muck by the time nationals rolls around—it’ll give the pack a little more reason to outrigger.

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One Response to “How The Race Was Won x BTB TV – Boulder Cup”

  1. John Irvine 22 October 2013 at 6:54 pm #

    These are very nice recaps. I’d love to see one of say the ’51 or ’69 TDF or ’48 Giro, assuming there’s footage.

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