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Defying the Cycling Gods

30 Apr

Say what you will about Lance Armstrong, but you must admit, the man has cajones. Er, un cajone. Or something. Anyway, going over the UCI to race at Gila, donning the mysterious black kits a day after Der Speigel put a doping story on his teammate back in the headlines, and, just for kicks, smashing […]

A Man with an Unhealthy Love of Chamois Cream

29 Apr

Dave Zabriskie, applying his favorite chamois-related product at the ToC. Words fail. (@dzabriskie, via @muddylegs.)

How is Doping Like a Pregnancy?

29 Apr

How is doping like a pregnancy? Because—according to the IOC, anyway—you’ve gotta wait nine months to find out whose responsible. I don’t know if they’re still sleeping in Boulder, but Velonews has yet to report that Rebellin’s positive has indeed been confirmed by IOC. Not that this means his guilty, of course, but just that […]

How The Race Was Won – Liege-Bastogne-Liege 2009

27 Apr

Video from this year’s decent LBL. Great teamwork by SaxoBank, but the performance was almost too dominant. Philippe Gilbert and Lotto took a shot at it, but I really would have liked to have seen more organization out of the other teams. That having been said, I can understand why their legs all would have […]

Bottle Handoff Technique

25 Apr

There was a great example in Fleche Wallonne this Wednesday of proper bottle handoff technique. As most of you probably know, it’s far more complicated than simply passing a bottle through a window. Why waste all that gasoline keeping the car moving forward when you could just as easily use it to accelerate your riders? […]

How The Race Was Won – Fleche Wallo(n)ne 2009

24 Apr

Fleche-Wallone Video at last! Sorry about the jerkiness of some of the video playback—that’s from the live feed, not from me. YouTube and Vimeo at some point are now up, though not right now because I am way tired yes right now because I am crazy. [right-click for iTunes compatible download] Also made a few […]

Why George Hincapie Will Never Win Paris-Roubaix

22 Apr

This is why George Hincapie will never win Paris-Roubaix. It might be OK if George were banking on his toughness to hock Carhartts or Dickies or a similar hard-wearing, blue collar brand. But multiple lines of fashionable, designer jeans—sold at the Dura-Ace price point of $145 a pair?! For shame. Look at Johan Museeuw. More […]

How The Race Was Won – Amstel Gold 2009

20 Apr

Amstel Gold! Ivanov wins a classic heads-up hill sprint, with daring attacks and savvy teamwork throughout. Also on YouTube and Vimeo. [right-click for iTunes-compatible download] Note well that all Americans do not hold such stereotypical views of the Netherlands as expressed in the opening of this movie. My implication that most do is purely for […]

The Bos-Impey Crash

20 Apr

Since I’m stuck at work on Marathon-freakin’ Monday, instead of at home making an Amstel video, I’m gonna burn my lunch break weighing in on the crash (around 3:40 in the above video) from the final day of the Presidential Tour of Turkey. Public opinion seems arrayed pretty heavily against Theo Bos, all the more […]

Velonews Freakin' Loves Me

18 Apr

Coincidence that Velonews used the same idiom to describe the same action by the same rider in the same race as I did, just several days later? Not that I care—I mean, we all know which video report you’d rather be watching, right?